Saturday, May 12, 2018

Every #Writer needs some adventure: Good Friends and Golf

I never expected to have such an amazing time at an employer sponsored golf tournament, but with right friends/co-workers 'fun' becomes the word of the day.

So, let me say first off that I've never golfed in my life. In preparation, I've been watching golf on tv in an effort to get a clue, thinking I might as well learn from the best. Funny enough, those 'best' turned out to be the friends on the greens with me that day.

So out to the golf course we go and the adventure begins. I did borrow a friend's clubs for this adventure as I didn't want to buy clubs for something that might be a one-time gig.

Anyway, I've gotta say, I hardly expected to hit the ball very much, but then when you get such positive feedback and insight there's no accomplishment out of your grasp. The more holes we played, the little better I got at hitting the ball.

Of course, my first ever shot I hit straight into the water. Note to other; bring lots of balls when you go as they like to run away. Funny part is that even my horrible shots I garnered encouragement on.

At one point on the course I even had friends who were golfing behind us, cheer me on. Lol. The thing about golf is that you have to have fun. The right friends to play with make it all the more possible to enjoy a game that can really make you feel down right klutzy at times.

By the 18th hole, I actually was the only one on who stayed on the grass. I'm proud of that. Oh, and I showed how to hit the ball out of the sand trap, which I did beautifully with a well learned butt wiggle. Thank you, pro-golfer Phil Mickelson.

Anyway, the laughter we shared, the camaraderie, and memories are something I'll cherish all my life. I couldn't have asked for better golf partners or friends to share the game with. Would I golf again? I have to say yes. I never considered I'd be the type to like golf but yes, its lots of fun and I want to go again.

Thank you to my friends, co-workers, and golf buddies for a great outing. You'll never know how special it was to me, because even a writer like myself can't fully explain the feelings of joy that stayed with me throughout the day. 

So what are some tips I can give you if you've never golfed but want to try?

1)      Get three good friends that know golf but don't take it too seriously.

A)    This keeps the atmosphere relaxed and doesn't put pressure on you.

2)      Clubs:

A)    Rent clubs or borrow a friend's

a)      Don't worry if you don't know what club to use. That's what your friends' expertise is for.

3)      Snacks/Water:

A)    Bring light snacks like beef jerky and plenty of water bottles. It's easy to dehydrate and not notice.

4)      Try the driving range first.

A)    A driving range is a great place to practice swinging and hitting the ball. It isn't as easy is it seems on tv. J

5)      Remember to have fun.

A)    It's really a bonding activity when you're out there so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get a good score.

Finally, learn the etiquette rules of the golf course so as not to offend any other players or management. These places are meticulously taken care of so don't leave trash, and be respectful of the wildlife.
I hope I've inspired someone to try golfing. I'll admit I'd go again, and I never saw myself as the type to like golf. But yes, I've had a taste and want more. Lol.
It's good for writers to experience new things. It broaden our perspectives and gives meaning to the word life. Any adventures you're going to try?



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