Friday, May 1, 2020

Your Health and Safety are Your Responsibility

While much of the country has begun to reopen businesses, the American people might not be as quick to run out and start a buying spree. Why? Not only has Covid-19 affected the economy, but it's taken an enormous toll on people's sense of safety. We can watch out for carjackers and thieves, but this virus has sparked primal fears that are hard to combat.

So, how do we move forward?

First, realize that your safety is in your hands. That means that if you want to continue to wear a mask over your face and gloves to go grocery shopping, then DO IT. Pack mentality might make you feel funny, (seeing others without face masks) but your life and peace of mind are worth more than someone else's opinion.

Secondly, your safety is in your hands. Yes, I wrote it again. If you walk into a crowded store, don't feel obligated to stay and shop! There are other places to shop, you don't have to put yourself at risk because you don't want to feel silly walking out. Don't justify risking your life by rubbing shoulders with others, just because others are doing it.

Protect Your Life.

Lastly, realize that this virus will become a part of our lives for quite a while to come. The flu and colds are viruses and we lives with those, so we'll live with this one. That being said, remember it's highly contagious so if you need a mask, gloves, or to shop early hours to feel safer, do so.

The answer is not to give in to fear, but to mitigate your risk. There's a reason most people don't traverse dark alleys when they can take safer routes. Be smart with your safety.

Personally, I have immune-compromised family members and older family members, so likely I'll continue to wear masks and use hand sanitized so that I can continue to help keep them safe by keeping myself safer.

It's all about what is best for you and your life going forward. Taking personal responsibility for your own safety is a uniquely American privilege. While our government works on a vaccine, we each do our part by maintaining cleanliness and staying home if we're sick, or wearing a mask when we go out.

Masking our faces may be a temporary change in our hygienic behaviors, but if it makes you feel safer in the months to come, then continue on as you need. If you want to avoid crowded places, it's okay. If you need to walk away from a crowded store or vacation spot, there is no shame in doing what's best for you.

Stay well and let's get back to living a robust life.  


Saturday, March 21, 2020

American Strength in Adversity

There is recently a lot of time at home to think and consider what is currently going on in the country with the COVID-19 Pandemic. It's not that I'm scared or worried, but more it's coming to realize that now is the time to step up as Americans.
America is a nation built upon strength in adversity.
America is a nation known for conquering every enemy which has ever darkened its doorstep.

Disasters, wars, emergencies…all come and go in one form or another, but the pride and strength of the American heart endures.
It is time we stop behaving as though we're fearful, and start to exercise some self-control and pride in who we are. What do I mean by that?

1)      Stay home, if at all possible. #SocialDistancing is believed to be effective, so let's put it to use.

2)      Donate:  Blood to the American Red Cross; food and essentials to local food banks.

3)      Exercise Mind-control: Your mindset dictates your mental health and attitude. Remember to think positively, enjoy the little things, and relax. This too shall pass.

4)      Remember who you are as an American. We are kind, giving, protective, and strong. Each one of us has a responsibility to take care of each other and conduct ourselves with dignity. (Hoarding is not dignified, its fearmongering foolishness)

Perhaps there are some who would disagree with me, but we all have to live together, so why not behave in a manner which demonstrates our American Values.
 Good health to each of you and your families.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Empowerment of Online Learning

The current state of affairs in the world has led to more people being home and a sense of cabin fever for those who perhaps can't or shouldn't go out. That doesn't mean that your time at home has to be fruitless.

Online education is a fast growing field that allows for flexibility toward learning and a wealth of knowledge. Often you register for free and find classes for free as well. There are several sites, and I'm going to list some here so that those who are looking to keep busy and feel a sense of accomplishment can build on their current skillset or learn something new.
Online classes are available for free. Learn basics of technology, work, core skills, reading and math and more. Copy and paste or click on the link:
There are plenty of free online courses available, though not all are free. You need to register with an email address to take classes.
There are a variety of courses within the various topics of Technology, Science, Health, Humanities, Language, Business, Math, Marketing and Lifestyle.
Copy and paste or click on the link to check it out:
EdX gives you access to some of the best schools in the country. There are several free courses to choose from and the topics are wide ranging. Not all classes are free and again you need to register an email address.
 Here you can learn topics including Business and Management, computer science, data science, Engineering, language, and humanities: 
Copy and paste or click on the link:

Two last ones I'd like to mention which may be of interest are:

You can register from free with both of these, but you must do some searching if you're interested in auditing a course. There are some great choices though if you're interested in paying to pursue a diploma, certificate, or degree through them.

Hopefully, this has given those of you reading, ideas in how to move forward in your life, pursuing a path that will lead you to a more prosperous future. This current crisis will pass, and online classes are a great way to feel empowered in your life.

Happy Learning,