Sunday, September 1, 2019

Are you ready for September?


It's been quite the summer and I'm ready to see the last of these hot 100 days leave, and a cooler wind sweep through. I've learned to juggle multiple things in life, as well as never wanting to deal with some things again.

Still, I recently had a fun adventure and went to Las Vegas for the first time in my life. The Strip was beautiful, but I think I loved Fremont Street the best. The concert-party atmosphere was just amazing fun. Time went quickly, and I'll have to go back again someday. I'd share pics, but I prefer to keep my Vegas times in Vegas. Lol. *Wink*

Autumn officially begins on September 23rd and it'll be a welcome change from the hot struggles of the summer. What do I look forward to that has me so optimistic?


Simply that those I care for, that their lives improve. I know it'll be a busy last few months of the year, but I believe there is always hope with every day. No matter how tired I get, there will be times of rest.

Keep things in perspective is what I can say to you.

Change happens but it's what you carry with you in your heart that matters. Perhaps holidays aren't a filled with as many family members, or the usual agenda of activity changes. None of it matters so long was your heart is in the right place.

Until next time,

may creativity and clarity be your guide…