Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Congrats LRC nominee Kari Thomas for Her Demon, His Angel

Congrats to Kari Thomas for her Love Romance Café nomination for HER DEMON, HIS ANGEL. Kari Thomas book has been nominated for "Best Urban Fantasy/Paranormal" romance book.

Let's all give her some support and take a quick moment to vote. Instructions are below.
Good Luck, Kari!

You MUST be a member of the LRC Yahoo Group to participate.

The voting will begin at 1pm est (USA) on Tuesday February 16th at the LR Café Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loveromancescafe) and run to February 20th. Polls will close on Feb. 20th at midnight so make sure to get your votes in. If the above link doesn't work, please try this one: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LoveRomancesCafe/polls/open

You MUST be a member of the LRC Yahoo Group to participate.

 Her Demon, His Angel blurb:

War is coming! The human race is at risk! The only hope is an angel-demon and a woman who only half believes other beings may exist. Her Demon, His Angel by Kari Thomas is an exciting adventure into another world, where the odds are stacked against the humans and dark magic rules the day. Discover what happens when love meets overwhelming odds.

Author Kari Thomas
Genre Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Heat Level 4
Words 88,000
Content Notes Intense
Publisher Liquid Silver Books



Saturday, February 13, 2016

Defining the Heart of Love

Falling in love is not for the faint of heart. The opening of our emotional vulnerabilities to another person is perhaps the greatest test of a person's belief in themselves. What should we do when we find that special someone who wants treasure us and keep us?

I say give yourself permission to love.

Seduction is the path of desire, but no matter the skill of the seducer, the heart will always have its say. It's that glance across the room; that secret smile you pass between you.

I encourage you to truly look at your lover. Their eyes, their smile, and soon your remember how this person captured your heart so easily. It'll bring back that 'first time' feeling when you couldn't wait to be in your lover's company.

There is little else to say except have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

If you missed any of the former blogs this month on Seduction, here are the links to them.

February 2ndAwakening of Desire

February 9thThe seductive Scent of love



Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotica/erotic romance author who loves to write in multiple genres including contemporary suspense, paranormal, dystopian and fantasy.


Friday, February 12, 2016

How Taste and Touch play into Seduction

Eyes closed with only your senses to guide you, there is a great deal of pleasure to be found in taste and touch.

It's closing in on Valentine's Day and it's time for discussing seduction through taste and touch. What exactly am I referring to when I talk seduction through taste? It is the ability to use your tongue to discover flavor and heighten desire.

Most couples go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. A pleasantly public, social interaction, but what about when you return home to a more intimate setting? The romance must continue and for that we'll need; chocolate, whipped cream, an alcoholic beverage, and your choice of fruit (most prefer strawberries).

The trick to seduction is in the fun that tasting can provide. A man can feed a woman a chocolate dipped strawberry and then take a taste of the strawberry for himself. The sweet, wet juices just waiting to be suckled from the berry.

Whipped cream. Ladies can find many delicious places to spritz a little cream, and it's not necessarily between his legs. This is the art of anticipation for both the man and woman. Kissing your lover after taking a sip from an alcoholic beverage. Can your lover taste the spicy burn?

Lick. The tip of your tongue is excellently sensitive to taste and touch. Glide your tongue along various parts of your lover's body and let the anticipation heighten the need between the two of you.


Skin is the largest sensory receptor on our body. We are sensitive to touch thanks to our skin, therefore touch must be done right. A simple wrong move can pull your lover from the romantic ambiance you are creating.

The mind is a complex machine, never silent and always interpreting the signals it receives. To absorb your lover completely in the moment, you must use touch to your advantage. While holding your lover's arm, rub your thumb back and forth over their skin. It's a unique sensation for the intimacy it suggests.

The brush of a rosebud across your woman's nipple is a far different sensation than that of your fingertips. Keep a mind busy interpreting "new" sensations that aren't typical, like the silky feel of the rose, and the mind will focus more on the moment.

Let your warm breath be a focal point on his neck. Not pressing, not kissing, not licking, just breathe slow and easy. Let his mind zero in on what might happen next.

Remember that a key element to physical seduction is anticipation. Your lover must want what comes next, even when they don't know what it is that will come next. When you are both finally naked, your bodies will be alive with sensation, and every touch will be all the more intense for the way your minds have become focused.

Do you have something special you do with taste and touch that others might want to try? I'm happy to let you share it in the comments if you're brave enough.

Valentine's Day will be a blog on the Heart of Love. I hope you pop in to check it out.



Mary Corrales's newest release, Bet Your Sweet Aces, is a contemporary romance with a sassy mouthed heroine and a hero who believes he can find the heart behind her salacious behavior.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wild Summonings by Mary Corrales, Fantasy erotica snippet (R)

            Sabin watched the Sorceress from behind a great oak as she called the elements of moon and night sky to her from the center of a clearing, deep in the Hyssop forest. The light from the bonfire highlighted in hair in a fiery halo, while the moon gave her skin a golden sheen. Her voice was like the most seductive of music, entreating the powers to enter her.

            Shedding her shawl and pale blue tunic, she exposed more skin to his hungry gaze. Twirling in circles she drew a whirlwind of dust from the earth. The fire died down as the wind swept through the clearing to encircle her like a voracious predator. She untied the ties that held her flimsy homespun skirt together. The material fluttered up and away into the air.

Trees moaned and swayed around him as his eyes feasted on her gloriously naked body. Lightning streaked across the clear night sky, sending an electrified spark through his body to pulse in his groin.

He turned his face toward the tree and scrapped his cheek against the rough bark. The pain did little to distract him. His body pulsed with burgeoning desire. She began dancing and his damned gaze followed each sinuous movement. He knew he needed to leave before he lost total control. Already her powers were working their way inside him, teasing and provoking the dark energy that resided in his body.

He wanted her.

Of course, she would not welcome his body inside hers, but if he chose, then she would submit. The dark powers he possessed gave him a unique ability to seduce any female with magic in her blood.

The prospect of her submission called to him as her magic pulsed and flowed outward from the circle, the curves of her sinuous body tempting him to madness.

She turned in his direction and clasped both hands above her head. An earth shaking boom of thunder cracked overhead as the clouds split open and poured their moisture down onto the trees, ground and woman below.

Sabin could take no more. Need drove him to her.

He strode into the clearing, straight through her protective circle.  

Her powers scattered, as if they'd done their job and left her to fend for herself. His heart pounded as stopped close enough to smell the delicate scent of perspiration on her skin. She gazed at him with challenge in her eyes.

"Not wise of you, sorceress," he said. He perused her body letting the hunger show in his eyes.
            "I need you."

Those three simple words pierced him and drew his heart's blood. Too many times they'd flirted and challenged one another and now she wanted him. What would she ask of him once he'd taken his fill of her?  "No, Elysia, no more games."

She stepped close, and draped her arms over his shoulders. "No more deceptions, Sabin." She pressed her naked body against him. "I've come to give myself to you."
 Hope you enjoy this sexy little snippet and you saw the power of seductive words. The next blog will cover Taste and Touch on February 12th and the climax of this two week session on Seduction will be a blog on the Heart of Love on February 14th. Hope you continue to visit. :)
Mary Corrales

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Seductive Scent of Love

Is it possible that we fall in love with our partner because of their scent?

The question is not all together strange when you think of it. Research shows that a woman will often chose a mate who has a pleasing scent. Supposedly, scent can indicate physical heath which appeals to a woman's innate drive to produce healthy children.

I can't speak to that aspect, but I do know that a man's scent is important to me. It can turn me on in the most elemental of ways. I want to rub myself against him, breath him in…taste him.

I sound so wild. Sorry about that. ;)

Anyway, there are a number of different cologne fragrances out there meant to appeal to women. Everything from musk to woodsy and even some that have the slightest notes of floral. Some colognes have a stronger scent of vanilla, which is also attractive.

I think one of the scents I love the most is Amber. If you've never smelled an amber candle, I encourage you to find one at the store, close your eyes and sniff. There are different tones to the amber as white amber is lighter and less intense than the darker shades.

When women scents a man, whether it's his cologne or just his personal scent, we react on an elemental level. A softening of our facial muscles, a lick of our lips, we know when we like something.

Now does that mean men should douse themselves in cologne?

Please don't, guys.

Soap and water, as silly as it seems, can draw a woman more regularly to you than any cologne. We love that clean fragrance with the hints of your personal scent underneath.

So ladies, tell me what's your favorite scent? Do you have a favorite cologne you like your man to wear?

Next time, we'll get a little sexier with another sense.

Mary Corrales

Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Talk Dirty: The Art of using Words

"His low voice evokes my need to hear his words. His words slide into me, appealing to the fertile imaginings of my mind."

Words, whether written or spoken, are powerful in their seductiveness. Women enjoy romance novels for the way words create worlds, characters, and situations. A turn of phrase, done with the correct tone, can bring about a physical response of pleasure in a woman.

Yes, there is such a thing as a toe-curling book. Those books are popular, because words bring sensual moments to life. Have you ever heard a man read an erotic poem? Done in a soft tone, the most vulgar of words can be seductive.

The great known seducers of ages past who understood the power of words. Casanova, Don Juan etc. all knew how to bring a woman to her knees. No pun intended.

Erotic poetry is probably one of the coolest things for a couple to share with one another. Good poetry though is difficult to find, so if it makes you giggle or smirk, don't buy it. You want something to share with your lover to heighten your anticipation of one another, not to embarrass one another.

The dynamics of words during sex are another matter.

Men need more blunt words to be seduced. They want to hear their name on your lips, demanding to pleasure them. They often want language that is direct and dirty. It's okay to give guidance to a man on what you enjoy, so long as you make it sound dirty.

            "I love the feel of your tongue on my neck."

            "Squeeze my nipples harder."

            "Slower, I want to feel every inch as you slide in and out of me."

All direction, but given in a way that a man will most assuredly accept. The great thing about words is that they have endless possibilities when it comes to seducing your lover. A description of an orchid, its petals stretched wide open to attract the fluttering of a hummingbird, whose long tongue extracts the delicate nectar.

Bet you'll never look at that flower quite the same again. *grin*

The point is that words, whether written or spoken, are an excellent tool of seduction. It doesn't matter if you're too shy to talk dirty, write. If you're not a great speller, speak the words of desire from your heart.

When you center your thoughts on your partner's needs and how best to bring them pleasure, you'll find words are quite the ally in your dance of seduction.







Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The art of seduction should be learned by males and females alike, and practiced to maintain the skillset. This month we'll talk about the mental and sensory aspects of seduction. This is no boring lecture, I assure you. First let's talk desire.

Desire revolves around the hunt. That which is given, is far less attractive, than that which we must work to make our own. The aloof man, the shy seductress; they are both types that make others desire them from afar. Mystery tickles the mind, and drives us to distraction…

Who is this person?

What does it take to get a smile from this man?

Why is the woman shy?

From there we seek answers with our eyes. The right clothing can provoke a strong sense of desire in men and women alike. A woman in a flowing skirt and heels can elicit a powerful sexual response from a man. Mostly because we as women must walk slower and with greater balance, thus showing off the softer curves of her body.

The same sexual response can be said for a woman who sees a man in a well-tailored suit, or the country boy with rolled up sleeves and tight jeans. The mystery is what we want to uncover. The soft curves, the hard muscles; it all elicits desire.

Men are more visual than women, per se. A woman's naked body is intriguing and engages a man's sense of desire. That's why it's so important for a woman to be comfortable with her body. What two things are important to remember?

1)      Men don't see your flaws

2)      Be confident when naked.

Men see the sensual beauty of your shape with soft skin and luscious curves. Women on the other hand are more texture and scent responsive. Men, make sure you've showered, and please take it easy on the cologne. Desire is often communicated through scent, and the wrong one can turn a woman off in a single whiff.

Desire is as much mental as it is physical. In the forthcoming blogs this month we'll chat about the sensory aspects of taste, touch, smell and sound. How they work with the art of seduction and how to use them in your own life.


Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotica/erotic romance author who loves to write in several genres including contemporary suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and futuristic. She enjoy mixing genres and bringing extraordinary lovers together.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Feisty February: Seduction of the Mind

"The pleasure of tasting is all in the tongue. Don't rush the experience; instead savor the essence as it slides down your throat."

Do I have your attention? Of course, I do. You're curious about where I intend to take you this month. Well, I'm in the mood to satisfy your curiosity.

We're going to explore the mental and physical pleasures associated with love and seduction. A little psychological insight and plenty of examples just might lead you to sexify your life this month with Valentine's Day as the climax.

I'll be posting an explicitly sexy blog every Tuesday and Friday of this month, leading up to the big finale on Valentine's Day. What's the first date?

February 2nd – The Awakening of Desire

February 5th – Talk dirty; The art of words

February 9th – The elemental scent of a lover

February 10th – Wild Summoning, fantasy example

February 12th – An exploration of taste/ touch

February 14th – The heart of love

These blogs will explore the sensual aspects of love and seduction, as well as the mental and physical aspects of attraction. We're going to have a good time getting a little down and dirty. Stop by. I think you'll be surprise how much you enjoy the visit.