Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Interview and Naughty Excerpt

Guess where I am today. Haha. Too late!
I'm visiting Sage Marlowe's fabulous Blog! Yes, she kindly interviewed me and I'm letting everyone know right now that I was my mischievous self.
I didn't want to disappoint anyone by behaving. Lol.
So, if you're in the mood for a little something fun and naughty, stop by and check it out. I've included an excerpt, but I encourage only those who like spice to read it. As all of you know, I'm very good at what I do.  *wink*

Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes in several genres including paranormal, futuristic and contemporary suspense.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What's Your Easter Week Entail?

Is anyone else feeling the crunch of Easter coming around? I've yet to finish decorating. Who knew putting up bunnies and ducks around the living room could be so time consuming. We decorate for the little family members, of course.
Then I have to decorate the table. I've got a blush pink table cloth and a flower arrangement for the center but haven't actually gotten to putting them up.
The menu!
Ahh! Okay, ham for sure. My brother and sister in law usually bring potatoes, lasagna and meatballs. She's Italian and an awesome cook. Still, we need more food. *frown* Oh, deviled eggs and a vegetable platter. Good, good…
Desserts are the easiest. While we do portion control the servings, it doesn't stop us from having cheesecake and other wickedly good treats. I'm going to try and make cherry tarts this time around. The book says they're easy to make. We'll see.
Amidst all this, I have to watch The Passion of the Christ at least once. It's my family's Easter tradition movie since it came out. I have to admit that I enjoy the movie because it somehow calms all the holiday chaos in my head. It also reminds me what Easter is "really" about. We also try to catch The Robe with Richard Burton and The Ten Commandments, if they're on t.v.  Both great classics.
 Any movies you look forward to catching as Easter approaches?
Well, it's off I go to get some writing done. Not on what you think. I have an angel WIP I like to toil on. It's this story I'll work on this week and give Sindriel's story a break.
For those looking for me Tuesday the 26th, I'm visiting Sage Marlowe's blog. She interviewed me and I shared a naughty little excerpt with her. Check it out.

Mary Corrales is a multi-published author of erotic romance in genres including paranormal, futuristic and contemporary suspense.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Does It Take Bravery To Be A Writer?

I love when people say, "I could write a book." Yes, most anyone has the physical capabilities to write a book. It's in the fingers, one might say.
Nonetheless, those of us who are writers know that the characters and stories we create are more than cutouts of simplified personas. A good story relies of psychology. A good story takes the author to places they wouldn't go on their own.
Writers follow the characters. Whether an author outlines or writes freestyle as the story comes to them, we follow along and learn the hero and heroine as they experience their own lives.
Imagination flows when writing, and with that current comes character flaws and challenges. Some of us create characters broken by harsh childhoods, or characters simply wounded by life's disappointments and cruelties. This may not be our personal experience, but to these dark depths we must go as writers.
People often believe we writers write about our own lives. No. What makes us unique is our ability to experience emotion and moments through our imagination that bring a scene to life. We immerse ourselves in that moment in order to bring a reader that much closer to a character.
I enjoy exploring the idea of broken hearts and fear; the moment when a person must make that decision to be brave and to let someone into their heart. We all know it's not an easy choice to make. My characters know that even with physical attraction that they must surrender a bit of their control over everything in order to let another person into their lives. They must allow access to their heart.
Writers write because we have a passion within us. It isn't ego that propels us to expend hours of energy to create page after page. It is passion; that love of story, adventure and character where we travel along and are able to be brave with and for the characters.
If you've ever finished writing a book, you know the idea of sending it out to a publisher is excruciatingly scary. Doubts assail us and somehow all our bravery falls away as we face our own fears of rejection.
So, does it take bravery to be a writer? It does if you're doing it right.
You'll pour your heart into this story, exploring character traits deeply and hope to do justice to the end result. If your heart isn't in the story, you aren't invested in the characters lives. Without investment, they are puppets dancing to the will of the string.  To that end, you will fail the reader for they won't continue a book with shallow characters.
 Emotions like love are scary and not for the fainthearted. That's why romance writers put so much time into their stories, to show that bravery has its rewards, especially where the heart is concerned.
Happy reading,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Poetry and Civic Duty. Why Me?

Hello everyone,
I am currently sitting in a room with a lot of miserable people. That's right; I am stuck for the day at Jury Duty. Don't get me wrong I understand it's a public service which is a necessary function of our society, but damn it could you make it more headache-inspiring.
I have my Kindle and I see many people reading books or the newspaper, but their faces project a dour disposition that creates a heavy oppression in the room. I could be writing, but the atmosphere isn't exactly conducive to creativity. Or perhaps it's just me who can't create under such circumstances. 
I've been dismissed from service many times, but it doesn't stop them from calling me back to sit for 8 hours in a room with people who'd rather be anywhere else but here. I could read and further exacerbate the headache forming between my eyes as I listen for my name to be called.
Yeah, it's a fabulous process.
The only thing this time is good for is poetry. Yes, a little known talent I don't display to anyone but love to create. I've written poetry for longer than I can remember. No, nothing structured to be categorized as a certain type of poetry like haiku. There are sentences and stanzas. That's about it.
Why don't I share my poetry? I write dark poetry; misery, pain, loss, anger, need, desire etc. I've written poetry for characters, though none ever makes it into books. I can often express a character's view of a subject better through poetry, writing from his or her point of view.
I've written what it's like for a vampire to experience bloodlust. How they view their own immortality in a world where they are essentially more powerful but always alone. These are lost poems written during the high school years before my writing really took off.
Perhaps I will do a little poetry.
Thank you all for reading. Anyone else out there write poetry? I'd love to hear from you. What and why you write.