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Alexine Coridan needs to get over a crush, but is the Nightfall Art Gallery’s reclusive owner, Ren Aloysius more than she can handle? What forces will be unleashed when she sheds her inhibitions for a man who promises ecstasy with just one touch?
Showcasing his darkest erotic artwork, Ren is intrigued by Alexine’s feelings toward his most violent piece, The Unquenchable Goddess. What’s a half-human, Cambion sex demon to do but feast on the passion Alexine has to offer? Simple, until his demonic side decides to assert itself into their sexual interlude.
When Alexine discovers that she is Ren’s destined soul mate, she realizes that to keep the man she must find a way to love the demon.
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Miranda Contreras never thought a bad choice in men could cause her to lose her soul. She must now call upon on a demon bargainer for help.
Demon bargainer and Lord of the Crimson Shroud, Sindriel, always bargains to his own benefit. What will he take from Miranda as payment for his assistance?

Miranda's life soon becomes one of hell realms and dangerous pleasures. Will she regain her soul but lose her chance at true love?
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Tasting Camilla: Vampiric Indulgence 1 (Vampire Erotica)
Camilla Ivanov never imagined that being kidnapped by a group of vampires would lead to the most erotic encounter of her life. Vladislas is a vampire master, bored with existence until Camilla’s blood awakens his deepest hungers.
Locked together in a basement, who will be declared the true captive?
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Craving Elisa: Vampiric Indulgence 2 (Vampire Erotica)
Vampire bounty hunter, Brandt Grayson, just betrayed his best friend, Camilla, to vampires to save her life. Vampiress, Elisa offers herself to Brandt in gratitude for awakening her master, Vladislas, with Camilla's blood.
Can vampire hunter Brandt resist Elisa's decadent offer of gratitude, or will Brandt take much more from her than her body?
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