Sunday, June 24, 2018

Finding Motivation Again

It's funny the way life works. Just when you are catching your stride and making great progress on a project, life intervenes and throws you off track. Sometimes it's family or friend related, other times it's issues at the day job, but it all has the same effect of shutting down your creativity in favor of worry and stress.

So what do we do but put our project away and work on the real life problems. Meanwhile, our creativity fizzles and our project becomes a silly dream.

When things quiet down, as things always do in life, we look back on our project and can't seem to muster up the energy to continue. We see what we've accomplished so far on it, but where to begin again?

No one is there to motivate you, as you were there to motivate others. No, this must be done on your own. The inner strength you carry to fight for others must now be turned inward to fight for your creativity and project. It's time to regain some perspective and conquer our own doubts.

The reason this project idea came to you, is that you possess the ability to create something extraordinary. Though there are millions of romance books out there, I know that no one will ever write quite the same as I do. The characters are my perspective and so even when the theme is familiar, the writing is uniquely mine. Too often in life we question why we're the right person to do a project when there are so many others who might be better.

I'll tell you that you are unique. Your talents, abilities, mindset, and creativity are all the building blocks of a special person who is meant for success. Yes, you will be successful.

Shut down the negativity in your mind. It has no place in your life.

You'd bear down and fight for another, well it's time to put that strength of fortitude to work for yourself. Only you can complete your project. Recently, there was a story of a female astronaut that was told she'd never get to space. She was turned down time and again. Well, decades later she holds the record for the longest time in space. She didn't give up and fought on despite the naysayers who told her she wouldn't make it.

So what if your project is turned down. Offer it to someone else. Revise and resubmit. If you believe you are meant to be a writer, inventor, manager, or anything else then you must journey on.

At times that journey will feel very lonely, and it will seem as if there is no one to help you. Just remember, you're worth the time and work. Reach out or read inspirational quotes that can keep you going. One of the reason I enjoy Twitter is that I follow writers, but I also follow people who tweet out inspirational lines.

So what are we waiting for?

Are you ready?

Yes, so am I when it comes to the project I've been working on. Let's take the steps together, shall we, because I've been where you are.

You must ignore the negative thoughts in your head including those people that tell you something can't be done. Of course, it hasn't been done yet, you hadn't arrived. But you're here now and you can accomplish great things.

You have arrived, and as fate has given you the talent, it's time for you to succeed where others have failed.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself.

Success is waiting for you.

Take your destiny in hand and start/finish that project. Now, I have some writing to do. How about you?