Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Intimacy of a Lover's Arms #writerslife #Romance

Just to be held can be far more intimate than sex. Why? Because the ability to provide a person with a place to take a breath and be safe is extraordinarily precious.

How many times have you ever had your lover's arms around you, while the two of you stood together, just holding one another? You ask him to squeeze you and he does, providing for your needs without question.

That type of loving moment is what makes touch so intimate. For a quiet moment while the two of you hold one another, the drama and doubts of the world fade away and all becomes manageable again. It's a powerful gift to give another person.

As females we'll curl up next to a man on the couch, snuggling in until he puts his arm around us. There's no need for us to speak. He knows our affectionate nature and it's only him who provides for us.

Men aren't as easy to read when they need to be held. They're stoic about such needs at times. Luckily, sometimes just our company is enough to thaw their exterior.
A woman must never take for granted what her company and touch mean to her man. It's all about the intimacy of touch.

To be held safely in the arms of another, while the storm of life swirls around, is a precious moment. It may be for one minute or one hour, but what matters is the touch and sense of security those loving arms bring.

Happy reading,

Mary Corrales

Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotic romance author who brings to life the most wicked of characters to fall in love. She's most active on twitter and loves to hear from readers.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day, America

Patriotism means a lot of different things to people, but to me it's always been about doing right by others as a show of who we are as Americans. This country was born from the blood of people who desired freedom from oppression. 

Throughout our history this country has fought. First to become an individual country, then for the rights of its various groups of people, and today we send our bravest out into the world to protect others who find themselves the victims of violent tyrants.

It's amazing how blessed we are today to have freedom to be our own individual selves without fear of government suppression. Dreams can become reality with hard work and perseverance. The rights we have in this country are special and not be taken for granted.


I hope everyone has a safe holiday and remember to be kind and patient with one another in your travels. This holiday isn't about the food, fireworks or parties, it's about the people.

We as Americans, together as one.

Mary Corrales