Monday, October 17, 2016

What's your favorite Horror movie?

It's that special time of year when the wicked come out to play. Visit Kate Hill's blog for some fantastic Halloween fun. What's your favorite horror movie to watch in October?

Click on an author and find out their favorite Horror movie. Is it the same as yours? Join in the Halloween fun and find out.

I'll give you a hint of mine. It's hell related, and involves a being known for the deliverance of pleasure and pain. *wink*


Monday, October 10, 2016

You're chance to win a copy of Sindriel #Fantasy #EroticRomance

Are you ready for a GIVEAWAY?

My blog schedule for this week is full of October deliciousness. I hope you'll stop by, leave a comment, enter a contest and have fun along the way.

Tuesday October 11th - Wednesday October 12th: *Giveaway alert* Guest blogging at Just Paranormal Romance. Enter for your chance to win a PDF of my newest paranormal fantasy erotic romance, SINDRIEL.
Miranda Contreras never thought a bad choice in men could cause her to lose her soul. She must now call upon on a demon bargainer for help. Her life soon becomes one of hell realms and dangerous pleasures. Will she regain her soul but lose her chance at true love?

Demon bargainer and Lord of the Crimson Shroud, Sindriel, always bargains to his own benefit.
He'll face off against demons to retrieve Miranda's soul, but will he choose to discard her rather than face the truth of his own heart?
Adult Excerpt (R):
He speared his tongue inside her mouth, demanding and passionate, and she couldn’t hold back her moan of pleasure. They weren’t alone in the room. How could she be behaving like a wanton bimbo?
He broke the kiss all too soon, breathing hard through his nose. “I want you to do something for me,” he said in her ear to be heard over the blaring music.
She nodded, willing to agree to anything so long as there would be more kisses.
“Distract me.” He kissed her hard and fast. “Give me a hand job while Remi does the tat.”
“Won’t he see,” she whispered loudly in his ear.
She’d never done anything sexual in front of another person before. What if Remi messed up Sindriel’s tattoo because he was sidetracked by her? That would render the tattoo useless.
He shook his head. “Remi sees only in the spiritual realm while tattooing. He might see flares of aura colors but won’t physically see why.”
He lowered her slowly to the ground, leaving her legs wobbly.
“Ready, Sindriel? Fate awaits,” Remi called out, making no move to turn down the pulsing death metal music. He checked the ink tubes and needles on his tattoo glove, seemingly unaware of the intimate conversation going on in the room.
Sindriel winked at her before reclining on the tattoo chair. He stretched out his arm, same as she had previously, and both watched as Remi secured the leather strap to Sindriel’s wrist.
Her body pulsed with energy she didn’t know what to do with. Actually, she knew what to do with the energy. It was a matter of whether she was brave enough to do so in front of another person.
The idea of giving Sindriel a hand job excited her to the point it morphed into giving him a blow job. Could he hold still with her mouth working his cock? She clenched her thighs as she studied where she could put her hands on the chair and lean over him without jogging Remi. She’d take him deep in her throat and press her tongue to the underside of his cock with every upward motion of her head.
Yes, she could do this. Even if it strained her arm muscles a bit, much like doing slow pushups, she could rock Sindriel’s world.
She stood patiently next to the chair, butterflies of excitement dancing in her stomach and pebbling her nipples. The buzz of the machine set the tone. Remi’s eyes turned opaque, and he applied the needle to Sindriel’s inner arm. The atmosphere in the room changed as she and Sindriel shared the same sexual thoughts. The heavy pulsing of the music only added to the throb between her legs. She was already wet with unrequited desire and hoped he’d want to be inside her fast once they finished the tattoos and got somewhere private.
Touching a hand to his knee, she watched Sindriel grin but not open his eyes or look at her. She squeezed his thigh as she glided her hand up his leg. Wait until he realized her generosity would extend beyond a hand job.
If you'd rather not wait to read the book, click on the link and buy your copy today. It's a great read for a cool October night.
Wednesday October 12th: Book Spotlight on Sindriel at NN Light's blogspot. This is a great blog to find all sorts of fantastic books.

Friday October 14th: I'm visiting with Anita Philmar at the end of the week. She's an awesome lady so come join in the fun. Follow us both on Twitter.


Friday, October 7, 2016

Car Adventures: Tires, an Air Compressor and Bravery

First off let me say that the prospect of putting air in my tires turned out to be more about fear in my mind than actual difficulty.

All my adult life, car maintenance has been done by the males in my family or by taking a vehicle to our mechanic. It's just been a convenient habit I never thought to break. Then a light went off in my car which indicated "Low Tire Pressure". Now I had a problem and help wasn't a phone call away.

I pretty much slipped into panic mode in my mind.

I didn't have anyone to call, as it was the middle of the day and everyone was working. I also wasn't near a service station. What I did have at my disposal was a portable air compressor. (Received it for Christmas) I'd seen how to use the compressor, but had never done it myself.

Emotionally, I didn't think I was capable of putting air in my tires on my own. The negative dialogue in my head didn't help. Then I realized a few truths.

Here's how things went as I, wasn't about to leave my car on its own, and came to the conclusion that I needed to be brave and move forward.

Positive Self-talk

I can't mess up the tire any more as it's already low. If I can't hook it up to the compressor properly and deflated the tire further, what does it matter?

I remembered that the door had a sticker which told the proper tire pressure (psi) needed. I want to the door and checked. There is was, perfectly readable and understandable.  

Problem: I didn't have a pressure gauge. L I don't know how low each tire is.

Solution: The pressure should show when I start the compressor.

Taking Action

I plugged in the compressor into the cigarette lighter.

I then removed the little cap thing on the tire where the compressor would attach. Attaching the compressor was easy and didn't require any skill or strength. Yay for me.

I turned the compressor on and sure enough it showed the current air pressure and I saw what number I needed to get to as the compressor worked.

What I learned

Inflating a tire isn't technical but how many of us avoid learning? Independence, even in the smallest things can be a fantastic confidence booster. In fact you can google how to inflate your tires if you need a video to learn by. Go to "Inflate a tire with a portable air compressor". You'll find all sorts of videos. Found by me, after the fact, when I got home safely.

The true lesson was in realizing that I'm far more capable than I give myself credit for. I'm book smart and can learn almost anything. Thank you driver's manual that came with my car.

Most women shy away from simple maintenance of their car because they worry about messing something up. Still, small things like learning to inflate your own tires can be a comfort when you're out on your own and suddenly have no one to call.

I still take my car to my mechanic's shop when I need an oil change, but I've learned to be more confident about my car and about myself. Next time your husband, brother, friend, etc works on your car, peek over his shoulder, ask questions, or ask to help.

Your ability to learn gives you power over your own life and it'll give you a great confidence boost when you do something you didn't know you could.

My next project to tackle is putting windshield washer fluid in my car.

What's holding me back?

I've never opened the hood… (cue dramatic music)

Stay tuned for more of my car adventures. Tell me what you've experienced. What are your thoughts on a woman doing her own car maintenance?

Until next time.
Sexify your life,


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Paranormal Romance Reads by Author Kari Thomas

I thought I'd take today to spotlight one of my favorite paranormal romance authors, Kari Thomas. These are great Halloween reads when you want to enjoy the magic of the season.  Kari has been writing since she was young, and has been an inspiration to me from the moment that we met.

Kari's books mix the sweet, sensual, and humorous with a skill I envy yet today. Come with me as we go from witches to shifters, and more to be found when you visit her website.

Briana Adair is a witch with a glitch.

Whenever Briana’s emotions kick in, her spells fizzle out. Entrusted with a magical sphere containing the Tree of Life, she can’t risk letting her feelings run amok. Her life and the safety of the world she knows depend on it. But now an evil force is putting her guardianship and witchy skills to the test—and the one man she needs to help her brings enough sizzle to cause an awful lot of fizzle.

Hunter Dallas doesn’t believe in magic.

Burned out, hunky police detective Hunter thinks his mother’s new tenant is just about as crazy as they come. Witchcraft? Maybe it’s just the power of the moonlight, but even cynical Hunter can’t deny Briana has cast a spell over him. As he begins to see some supernatural threats firsthand, will Hunter learn love and magic are actually one and the same before it’s too late?

While visiting from her parallel world, Kassidy finds her witch powers put to the test to help destroy an evil entity. Piece of cake for a powerful witch. Now if she could only work her magic on the sexy cop who keeps holding her at arm's length while he tries to decide if he wants to admit being in love with a witch...


Kitchen Witch Baylie Campbell needs a hero-a protector-when a crazed stalker threatens her life. Ex-detective-turned cowboy, Colt McKnight, agrees to protect Baylie, and he takes her to his secluded ranch. Colt knows Baylie is big trouble when he meets her, and those misfit, magically-blessed animals of hers are added stress. But he soon realizes it's more than his male-sanity at stake when it comes to the seductive witch. Colt tries his best to resist Baylie's charms. but, Baylie knows he never stands a chance. Both learn to trust love again; along with help from her four animals, and fate in the form of a stalker.


Something wild this way comes…

Once a powerful, practicing Wiccan, Kira Douglas has reluctantly moved to wild and beautiful Sedona, Arizona for only one reason—assume custody of her dead sister’s daughter. She immediately runs into an obstacle. The child’s uncle, the disturbingly sexy Aiden Calhoun, refuses to give her up.

Aiden has good reason for not allowing Kira custody of his precious niece. The child is half witch, half shapeshifter. Allowing her to take the girl could expose the family’s shapeshifting secret he has spent a lifetime protecting.

Their instant attraction isn’t just an inconvenient temptation. It could put his entire family in danger.

But an evil force is re-emerging, bent on destroying everything they know and love. The only way to survive is to put all differences aside.

And overcome the nightmare that once broke Kira’s faith.

This title has been revised and expanded from its previously published version.

Under A Shifter's Moon

He was fated for another, but created to love her …

Decreed by Elders, alpha Jaguar Shifters Lyon Savage and his brother must decide Pride rule in a

Strong and selfless, Kitlene is a rare woman whose blood, like her niece’s, carries something of the Shifter within its DNA. Willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of family, she offers herself to the Alpha Cat whose very presence pulls at her soul—and whose love brings with it a deadly complication.
way not seen for centuries. Under a Shifter’s Moon, a mating can take place with a chosen human to produce a child, and the father of that child will become the one Alpha. Now Lyon must choose the love of his Truemate—or accept the decree to save his Pride and secure his future.

Her Demon, His Angel  Rereleased (2014) Secret Cravings Publishing

War is coming! The human race is at risk! The only hope is an angel-demon and a woman who only half believes other beings may exist. Her Demon, His Angel by Kari Thomas is an exciting adventure into another world, where the odds are stacked against the humans and dark magic rules the day. Discover what happens when love meets overwhelming odds.

Sara Winters never had a reason to acknowledge the existence of angels or demons. Not until a rare being, half angel, half demon, rescues her from a demon attack. As an antique book dealer she has spent her adult life looking for one particular mysterious book, and her search has led her straight into Drake Domitaine’s arms.

Drake doesn’t have time to deal with a frail human woman, but he has to protect her from the very same demons who are now planning a war on the human race.

Sara and Drake’s fated love is doomed from the start. Or is it? Can a human woman and an angel-demon be together? It’s now a race against time to find The Book which has become an important part of a pending war to save humankind. And in the end, will Sara and Drake overcome the insurmountable odds of their love continuing?

If you'd like to check out the rest of Kari's Romance novels, go to her book page on her website here.

I was born and raised in Florida. We moved to Arizona when I was 15. Talk about culture shock! The two states are so opposite of each other! I have lived in AZ for most of my adult life, taking time out to attend BYU in Provo, Utah. After school I returned home to become my mom's Caregiver. I started writing then, too, although I had always wrote at one time or another in my life.  My mom was a
writer too; one of her stories won a state-wide Contest and was Serialized in the North Fort Myers, Florida Newspaper for 17 weeks. I'm a professed Book-A-Holic, and mom taught me to read before I started school. So, I guess that means I was destined to be a writer ---one way or another!
I love doing Research for my books, and plan on venturing into the Non Fiction genre some time in the near future. So many subjects, so little time!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Beware Scam Phone Calls #WritersLife

I recently received an automated voice phone call purportedly from the IRS. The first said I would be prosecuted if I didn't call them back immediately. The second, days later, said that they were "filing a lawsuit against me if I didn't call them back immediately."


Excuse the cursing, but this sort of thing pisses me off. The call came listed as being from Texas, which I highly doubt, but that's now what's most important. Here's the facts you need to know to stay safe from these scam phone calls.

The IRS doesn't call to extort money from you. They don't ever need to because, let's face the truth, they have access to all our information and accounts. Sounds scary but true, so don't get freaked out by these phone calls. Also, if they threaten to send law enforcement or prosecute you, think about that…Why tell an "alleged criminal" you're coming after them. STUPID. 

They are not from the IRS!

How can you be more confident this is a scam?

Did you know that if you put a phone number into the search box of your browser that you'll be able to find links that will show you where this phone number came from? You will likely also find others who have reported this scam. You aren't alone. There are even places to report these sort of calls.

Lastly, if you need some sort of reassurance because you're worried, here's what you do. Get a phone book, look up the IRS and give them a call if you are unsure whether you own money. Truly though folks, if you haven't received anything in writing, don't sweat it.

The IRS doesn't make phone calls.

Sadly, the elderly are the most likely to fall for these calls, but it's the fear factor that can get to anyone. Fear is what allows these scammers to be successful. Don't be a victim. Be a skeptic. Take a breath, think logically and don't ever react in fear.

Stay safe, friends. Block these callers from your phone immediately.

Kind regards,

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Please RT and share, Send Sindriel to Print

When I first considered writing Sindriel I never dreamed how great the book would turn out. He was a mysteriously sexy demon who I wasn't sure was hero material. So glad he proved me wrong because the love he found was worth every page of my time.

Sindriel was the first story I ever considered giving up on, because I had such trouble finding him a heroine who suited him. Funny, how it just took rereading the first story, Love's Demon Ways to realize Miranda Contreras was his equal in so many ways.

Miranda, for her part, is literally down to her last mustard seed of hope for any kind of happy ending. She's the single woman deserving of the badboy who'll always protect her. How could I not play matchmaker to a heroine like that?

I'm making it my goal to sell 500 copies of SINDRIEL by Halloween on October 31st  thereby sending the book into Print. I'd like to appeal to all my loyal readers and writers to help me make this dream a reality.

If you like the story, buy Sindriel today for the low price of 3.99 from Siren publishing.

If you can, please retweet or share a link to this blog with your fellow readers and writers on Twitter and Facebook to get them involved in this bold venture. I've never made such an appeal as this, but Sindriel is the perfect read for Halloween with demons, hell realms, and the prevailing power of love.

Whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. I'll announce it on November 1st if we've met the goal. Use the social media boxes at the bottom of this blog to share.

Come on readers and writers let's have some Sindriel fun!

Sexify your life,

Mary Corrales