Thursday, November 24, 2016

What are You Thankful for this #Thanksgiving?


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

There is so much to be thankful for this season. I'm thankful for the wonderful family I have that always sticks with me and keep my world so certain. Whether we all trickle in throughout the day on Thanksgiving or sit down together, we are part of one another and always together. It's great to catch up and take a renewing breath with one another. Not to mention how we all love a good turkey.

I'm also thankful for my friends, both online and off. Friends keep you feeling steady and lend a kind ear when you need it. They also make you smile and laugh and remind you that the world is a good place.

I know some great people, both writers and non-writers alike and each one has a special place in my heart.

It's fitting that Thanksgiving come near the end of a year. It's a time to look back and remember all the good things that happened, as well as to realize that you've made it through another year. Not always an easy task.

Most of all, I think that I'm thankful for my life. Despite adversities, I've been made stronger and am appreciative that I've been given the strength to push through hard times.

Cheers to new friends and old, to that which is no more, and that which will be.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Friday, November 11, 2016

Time to get ready for the Holidays #writerslife

I'm ready to move forward with life plans, now that the elections are over, and get ready for the holidays. I'm doing things a little different this year and bringing out my Christmas decorations early. Not everything, but enough to uplift my spirits and give me something happy to anticipate in the coming weeks.

I've already put up my nativity scene. I'm hanging my light-up garland today and maybe setting a few flameless candles. My table cloth is Thanksgiving themed and I'll add a few touches to the house to reflect that holiday. The big question you might be asking is why.

Several reasons come to mind. First, it's been a rough election year and things were so negative as to nearly consume any sense of hope. With the election over, I want to feel hopeful again, so I'm bringing optimism back to myself through the celebration of the holidays. Finding ways to move forward and reacquire hopefulness of tomorrow is the best way to tackle life.

I enjoy Thanksgiving with all it's offerings of delicious food, but it's also time for me to do some Christmas shopping. Why not therefore decorate for both holidays? It may be odd to have both holidays represented by decorations in November, but whoever said that writers were conventional people.  

So, I'm going to set my Thanksgiving table and jingle my bells all the way to the 25th of December. Here's wishing everyone a joyful, healthy, love-filled holiday season.

Who else is ready to get into the holiday spirit?


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Change is inevitable #Writerslife

We are usually resistant to change because as human beings we are predisposed to want consistency in our lives. Our minds work from consistency. When you face something new, your mind makes connections of familiarity in order for you to move forward into the unknown.

Sometimes this desire of consistency and familiarity causes us harm in our lives. We stay in abusive relationships, we keep a job we hate, or we allow others to use our kind natures against us. It all harkens back to the mind's desire for consistency.

Why is change good for us?

Change is life. Change can often mean emotional and mental growth, as well as new understanding. It brings about challenges which we must face and conquer.

Changes at work may mean frenemy coworkers leave their job and you must say goodbye. You don't have to keep toxic people in your life just because the consistency of their presence feels familiar. It's okay to move on emotionally.

It's never easy going forward when change enters your life. There are unanswered questions, fears, uncertainties, but go forward you must.

Consistency and familiarity are great, but keeping those just because you don't know what 'change' will bring isn't always best. Toxic is toxic and if it can't be fixed or if someone is making you unhappy in your life, you should consider allowing change into your life.

'New' means opportunities, but remember that 'new' doesn't happen by itself. You must support that which is new, give it your attention and a little bit of trust. See where it takes you. 

In the end it's about how you move forward.

Consistency can be a good as change or as bad, depending on point of view. Our attitudes shape so much of our lives and can turn something bad to good if we change our way of thinking.

Wishing all of you a positive November.
Sexify your life,

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Warrior in Me by Anita Philmar #RomanticSuspense

Please welcome Anita Philmar to the blog. She's brought exciting excerpts of her newest romance book, The Warrior in Me – Erotic Murder Mystery/ Romantic suspense


Special Security Agent Sebastian Berlin is eager to track down his partner's killer. Instead, he’s assigned the job of baby-sitting a scientist. His boss thinks she's the key to an Ancient Warrior Prophecy. Science never interested Sebastian, but the know-it-all female standing at the end of his Alaskan dock could persuade him to do a little experimenting. That is, if he can keep his Neanderthal Warrior genes from taking control.

DNA specialist Lily Sinclair is in need of a vacation, or so her over-protective ex-husband tells her. Arriving in chilly Alaska instead of sunny Cancun, she's tired and cranky and so not in the mood for her bodyguard's he-man tactics. Still, there's something about the sexy eye-candy that makes her want to lick him all over even as she's demanding to go home.

Then Lily's ex is poisoned, and Sebastian is certain the two murders are connected and she could be next. She knows he's hiding something, but with the worldwide release of Neanderthal DNA project only days away, she has no choice but to trust him to protect her. But can she trust him with her heart?

Excerpt 1: (murder)

“I hate to tell you, but we found Cain’s body last night. He took two slugs in the chest.”
Relief, followed quickly by shock, filled Sebastian. A numbing sense of disbelief overwhelmed him. “What the hell? I thought he was working on a simple security detail.”
“Did he discuss his assignment with you?”
Sebastian ran a hand through his hair and scrambled to recall his last conversation with his best friend. Cain had called a week ago with a request for information on the people he’d been assigned to protect in California. His voice had reflected a bored almost disgusted tone. At the time, Sebastian had held his tongue and didn’t comment, but later he questioned the anomaly. His friend loved life and never became discouraged even when the odds were against him.
Frowning, Sebastian rubbed a hand over his neck, stroking the hairs that suddenly stood on alert. His initial disbelief faded. A gaping hole widened before him and stretched into an endless sea of despair. What the hell would he do without his best friend, his confidant?

Excerpt 2:

She blinked.
He had to be joking.
Lifting her hand to her chest, she sputtered, “Excuse me, what did you say?”
“Cain was murdered outside your lab.” He rephrased the sentence, but her brain registered only one word…—murdered.
She jumped to her feet and planted her hands on his desk. “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before now?” She glanced around for her purse. “I need to call Mark. We have to call the police and find out what the hell happened. Did they break into the lab?”
Without waiting for his reply, she turned and headed back down the hallway to where he’d left her suitcase. She didn’t see her handbag anywhere near it. Did she leave it in the small, tin-bucket-sized plane? Or had Bruce left it on the dock?
Desperate for answers to a whole host of questions, she rushed outside. “Damn it, Bruce, how do you expect me to stay in touch with home if you fly off with my purse."
Excerpt 3:  First Kiss

Seconds before his mouth covered hers, she whispered, “Sebastian, I don’t—” The rest of the sentence died under the quick spear of his tongue, seeking entrance into the hot moist haven of her mouth.

The fight he expected didn’t fully materialize. She gasped in shock, and her body stiffened. Then she lifted her hands to his shoulders, leaving the few inches between them vacant.

Tightening his grip, he drew the soft cushion of her breasts invitingly against his chest. All too quickly, he moved past the point of a simple kiss and fed on her unique flavor. He’d gone too long without the seductive touch of a woman. Today, she’d tempted him with the fire of her anger and the gentle concern for him at the loss of his friend. Holding himself in check, he’d resisted until she’d revealed her passion for her research. Now, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for her any longer. He ate at her lips, nipping and sucking until they opened wider.

Lily moaned, and he captured the sound, swallowing it as he flicked his tongue against the roof of her mouth. She welcomed him by drawing him deeper. He thrust in and out, over and over mimicking the ancient rhythm of sex.

Determined to sample every inch of the hot, moist cavity, he drank in the rich, sweet nectar. As stimulating as wine, he became drunk on her and tangled his tongue around hers. Time lost meaning. He forgot everything except her hands in his hair, her body plastered against his, the relentless need to consume her.

Somewhere in his subconscious, something reminded him that women didn’t progress from “Hello, it nice to meet you” to “Do you want to go to bed with me” this quickly. On the other hand, maybe, the light tingling of his scalp as she curled her fingers in his hair helped jog his memory. He had to take things a little slower if he wanted to win the girl.

Excerpt 4: (romantic fun)

A needy groan escaped him. “Honey, the only activity I want to do with you right now is strip off your clothes and make love to you.”

She blinked. “I don’t understand. You barely know me.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not attracted to you.” He covered her wrist, fearing her touch might drive him to rush this moment. Slowly, he guided her away from temptation and placed her palm on his chest. “I took one look and decided I wanted you. That’s why I kissed you earlier, and why I’m losing the battle to keep my hands to myself.”

A whisper of a smile played over her lips. “Do you have protection?”

Hope sped through every cell in his body, and a tingle of anticipation sparked in his gut. “I have a whole box in the drawer next to my bed.”

“So you’d like to show me your bedroom?” she teased, and he recalled their earlier conversation.

“Say the word, and we’ll be on our way.”

THE WARRIOR IN ME, Now available for PreOrder at 

Bio: Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way.

Influenced by old movies, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where special moments come to life in a great read.

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