Friday, May 17, 2013

Experience A Layover with Author DD Symms

 Thanks, Mary, for having me as your guest.

My pleasure, DD. So, tell my readers what sort of sexy stories they can expect from you.

Sexy travel and chick lit erotica are themes in my stories and those simply flow out of me. I don't know why but perhaps when we travel regionally or far from home we are out of our normal world and comfort zone. Maybe that opens us to new experiences.

Travel also means adventure and in my writings that means erotic adventures whether in Chicago's O'Hare Airport during an extended layover, along the Eastern Sierras of California, or camping in the mountains above Los Angeles.

Here is an excerpt from my story Layover, about a young fashion designer, Jessie Carter, who has a moment of self-discovery when she encounters a sexy stranger during a layover in Chicago.

My upcoming novel, Boarding, is a prequel to this story. Hope you enjoy:

  Jesse lifted her carry-on, glad she only had to stagger several feet to the front door. She and Devon stood behind the other passengers waiting to check in for a place to flop. She set her bag on the floor and knelt to pull out her voucher. She grinned; she should have leaned over to tease him. “So what kind of films do you make?” Jessie stood and moved forward with the crowd.   
“Entertaining ones; at least people tell me they are.” Jessie looked at him and laughed at another non-answer. “That doesn’t tell me anything.”  
“My little darling is usually featured in them. I’ve got a decent camera and editing bay. We enjoy watching them.”           
Heat built inside Jessie as the last person in front of them left the counter with a room key. She tried to imagine what Devon was shooting with his camera. His matter-of-fact responses, combined with his touches, made her create her own sensual answers. Moisture seeped in to her panties; she took a deep breath and dug deeper.     
“Good evening,” the woman behind the counter wore glasses that fit nicely with her blonde hair. Jessie slid her voucher on to the desk. The clerk punched in Jessie’s information and looked at both of them. “Are you together?”         
“Why?” asked Devon.           
 “We only have one room left and I was wondering if I needed to make arrangements at another site.” Jessie smiled and winked at Devon who turned to her and nodded.         
“Yes, we’re together.” He casually patted Jessie on the shoulder and ran his fingers to the base of her neck. She moved her ass to touch his thigh, buoyed by his sign of intimacy. She skipped her fingers to lightly touch his zipper; his cock pressing against his trousers signaled his heat. She pictured leaning her butt against his hips, but forced herself to concentrate on the activity at the counter.
The clerk punched in the final information and stuffed a key card into a small white envelope. “Room 182: down the hallway to the right."
"What time is your flight?”    
“Nine A.M.,” Devon answered.        
“Okay, the shuttle leaves every half hour.”         
“Thank you.” He raised his voice and winked when Jessie lifted her bag. “Here, sweetheart, let me take that.” They sauntered across the carpeting and entered a courtyard that was covered with a glass dome. She spotted the pool but she could skip a swim if she and Devon were going to undress in the same room.   “You still going to phone your ‘little darling’?”        
“Definitely. She doesn’t know I’m staying over, so it’s only polite to tell her, correct?”         
 “But you’re going to tell her that we’re sharing a room?” The numbers on the doors increased: 176, 178. Room 180 read staff only. 182 was on the corner. “Look at that, no one next to us.” She smiled. No worry about disturbing others.    
“See, I got lucky.” Devon chuckled. “Yes, I am going to tell her I decided to take a flight in the morning and that I’m sharing a room with you.”    
“Oh, shit! You gotta be kidding!”     
“Why? She trusts me just like you trust me.” His casual voice showed her this was no big deal. He slid the key in the door slot and the light turned green. “She and I reached an agreement on handling our relationship after we first met. She also knows how deeply I care for her.” Then he looked Jessie in the eye as they stepped through the door and said in a low voice. “Trust is a huge turn-on for me.”

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Thank you, DD for being my guest. Readers, feel free to ask him some questions or just leave a comment. He's a very exciting author and I'm looking forward to his newest book, Boarding, which releases this Summer.