Monday, May 20, 2019

Advantages of Adversity in Life

Adversity is never fun but it does have its advantages. There is nothing that is a better teacher than adversity, mainly because it requires that we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Let's face it, no one wants to be outside their chosen area where they know everything, unless it's by their own design, but life doesn't play that way.

No, especially when we've stayed comfortable for too long, life has a way of shaking us awake and demanding we continue our growth; whether that be emotionally, spiritually, education-wise, or creatively.

Then we venture out and find the path isn't smooth like our backyard, there are pebbles to bruise our feet and boulders blocking our way. We are then forced to improvise and make shoes to protect our feet and learn when to go around, or over the boulders.

When we're on this path of growth every hardship can seem like it will consume us and we can't go forward, but that is when our perseverance kicks into gear. Yes, you could give up, but your heart and soul know you're on the right path, you just need to fight for what you want in life.

Let every challenge, difficulty, and setback make you stronger. Accept them, and then tell yourself that you will not be defeated!

Writing is a hard task. Anyone who tells you differently hasn't stared at that blank page or unfinished chapter and not known what to do. Creativity is a wonderful gift, yet it demands that you push past your own mental/emotional/physical blocks to finish projects.

That is why adversity is such a gift in a way, and should be learned from. Anything that life throws at you, you throw right back. Yes, you'll get bruised along the way as you grow stronger in your perseverance but eventually you will become more powerful in your ability to do more things in your life.

Remember: You are smart enough to figure anything out. You have the strength to persevere. You are never alone in your journey to be stronger.

If you have a creative project you want to do, get after it. If you want to change jobs, start job hunting. Timing will never be perfect, so don't use that as an excuse. The time is now. Your life is yours.

Everything you want to accomplish can be done so long as you're ready to step forward into adversity. Let it guide you, strengthen you and ultimately you will appreciate how much more you accomplish.

Let no one define your limits, because limitations are not for you.