Saturday, June 24, 2017

Deciding on a new website host, or nothing at all

"An author website is a must."

We've all heard the advice, and there are many choices to make when dealing with such things. If you aren't tech savvy like me, the choices narrow. When the choice is also made out of necessity because your current website provider is terrible, the choices are endless.

Looks like I'll be losing my current website hosted by Yahoo's Aabacco small business because I can't get on their main site anymore. Don't ask me why, but definitely a technical glitch on their part. So I'm hunting for a new website provider.

I'll be honest and tell you that I hate this. I picked yahoo years ago because it was easy to drag and drop in text and pictures. Well, nothing is easy now.

How much does it matter that an author has a website when there are blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon author accounts to maintain? I really can't say. The book industry has changed so much. It's a centralized location of all an author's books, but so is Amazon nowadays.

Do readers regularly go to author website or do they browse their other more exciting social media accounts? I pick up paperback books at the store, but I can't say I've ever visited the website of those same authors when there is other social media.

Well, just a head's up while I decided on a path forward. My website will go dark on July 1st 2017. Keep up to date with me on Twitter,  or my Amazon author page.

I'll let you know if July whether I'm going to get a new website with another company or wing it and just have my social media accounts.

Mary Corrales
Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotic romance author whose love of stories brings to like mystical creatures and their darkest of desires. She's the author of Love's Demon Ways and the sequel Sindriel. Check her out at your favorite online retailer today.