Monday, August 15, 2016

Review of Sophie Jordan's Hell Breaks Loose (A Devil's Rock novel)

First off I'll say that I bought this book because of the sexy man on the cover. Yes, I'm a sucker for eye candy and I'm not ashamed of liking the taste. *grin*.

Anyway, I finished reading Hell Breaks Loose in a day. Why? The story was the very definition of a 'page turner' and I LOVED every minute of it.

While the heroine, Grace Reeves, worried me at first that she'd be one of those TSTL heroines, I was pleased to see she had a reason to be cowed thanks to her father's political career which dictated every aspect of her life growing up. However, she's an excellent example of a heroine we love to read grow stronger.

Her life takes a turn when she's kidnapped. She's in trouble and only bad boy convict, Reid Allister, can keep her safe. Yes, I'm not one for the criminal type hero, but Ms. Jordan did such an excellent job of writing, Reid, that I had to keep reading.

Grace and Reid have quite the emotional connection and the sexual tension is deliciously hot.

I won't ruin the ending, but let me say that this is the best example of a contemporary romance where the balance of story and sex is just perfect. I know readers enjoy books with lots of sex, (I'm one of those type readers) but this story satisfied me emotionally well before the characters got physical. Loved it!

I'm off to hunt down the Devil's Rock Novel that I missed titled, All Chained Up. I have a feeling this will become one of my favorite authors.

Here is the link to Ms. Jordan's website where you can find all of her books:

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Mary Corrales is an erotic romance/erotica author who enjoys writing in multiple genres including paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, and futuristic. Her newest paranormal erotic release is titled Sindriel and is due out September 20th 2016. This is the stand-alone sequel to Love's Demon Ways. 
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Monday, August 8, 2016

Cover Reveal: Meet demon-bargainer, Sindriel

Desire is A Demon unto Itself

"I should know, I'm a demon bargainer, and desire is one of the reasons I'm called upon with such regularity. Whether human or demon, we all want something. It's often that which we can't have that we covet the most.
Perhaps I'm giving too much of myself to you. I know you're asking what I desire. It's dangerous to suspect my secrets. Then again, I'm in the mood to play with you a bit.
It's a woman, I desire. She's beautiful, mortal, and in need of me. What more can I ask for?"

Note from author, Mary Corrales:
SINDRIEL is the sequel to Love's Demon Ways which was Ren and Alexine's love story. Yes, readers, you loved Sindriel's wickedness so much in LDW, I had to grant your request and worked to bring his story to you.
Sindriel has a tentative release date of September 20th , (subject to change) from Siren publishing. I'll be publishing an official blurb and presale link as soon as possible because once SINDRIEL sells over 500 copies, the book will go to print.
Clearly he's just getting started with this blog. You'll hear from him again, and he'll bring more of his demon wit and wisdom with him. Enjoy his cover and be ready for him this September 2016.
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Monday, August 1, 2016

Upcoming release: Sindriel

Sindriel's story will be a reality. Yes, readers I received word that Siren Bookstrand will be publishing SINDRIEL with a tentative date of September/October 2016. Sindriel is the long awaited sequel to Love's Demon Ways and a full novel.

Approaching fast. I love that you, my readers, don't have a long wait. We'll get through the summer together, and in the Fall you'll have a great book to keep you warm those October nights.

I'm excited. I know readers wanted more of him, and what he delivers in this book even had my toes curling. As a demon-bargainer, Sindriel mingles in hell with the worst demons masters, but it's his desire for a mortal that throws his life into jeopardy.

Miranda met Sindriel at the wedding of her best friend and can't get him out of her mind. Who'd want to? *grin* Anyway, he's just the right type of bad boy she needs in her life, and I can't think of a better woman for him.

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