Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sneak Peak of Book Cover: CRAVING ELISA

Craving Elisa will be released on December 1st, 2015. I'm giving everyone the first sneak peek of the book cover which I hope everyone will enjoy.


 Can vampire hunter Brandt resist Vampiress Elisa's decadent offer of gratitude, or will Brandt take much more from her than her body?

This short vampire erotica is full of heat, so readers beware and have a cold drink by your side for afterward. *wink* I'll post the buy link on December 1st. Mark your calendars for the erotic fun. 
P.S. My website is being difficult and I hope to have the issue fixed before the 1st of December, but if not, check out the buy link here on my blog.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why We Need Alpha Heroes in Real Life and Fiction

The real world is a dangerous place. Most times we don't think on such things, until the local or national news reminds us. We normally just go about our business, our thoughts consumed with self. Nothing wrong with that, btw.

When recent events in Paris happened, I was not only saddened but somewhat scared as well. I am one of those who goes about her life with little thought to something bad ever happening. I'm not suggesting we live in fear, not by any means should we let evil win, but I can't help feeling vulnerable at a time like this.

That's when I started to think of the heroes in books. Most of the books I read, the men are alpha heroes with rough edges and no apologies. They are the type of hero who you can walk down a dark alley with and he'll get you out safely to the other side. That is why I read the books that I do.

As strong of a woman as I know that I am, I'm still grateful for those men in our world who mirror the alpha heroes of books: The soldier, the law enforcement officer; the man willing to stand and defend others, no matter the cost.

The alpha heroes in books, though fictional, are comfort in a world where we sometimes feel vulnerable to the destructive nature of others. A man willing to defend and protect his loved ones, is the reason I read romances.

We need to appreciate the real heroes in our lives, especially those strong men who take the safety of others into their keeping.  

Just my thoughts.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Thing about #Writing is that it's all about Support

The support we get from our families as we work on our craft is important to our emotional commitment to believe in ourselves, but also important is our support from other writers.

Writing is such a solitary craft and sometimes when the words won't come we feel isolated and alone. We think we're the only writer whose fingers aren't tapping away to a bestseller at 60 words per minute. In reality, writing for some of us is an ebb and flow process.
I have great writing days where I can count my writing in chapters, and I have terrible writing days when a few sentences are my great accomplishment. Either way, it's nice to be able to chat with another writer and know we've got each other's back.
On Twitter the other night a fellow author was having trouble getting the words done for NaNoWriMo and was frustrated. I'd had a bad day with little sleep and other issue that popped up, and could relate to her feelings of frustration. After a few minutes chatting online, we both felt better and encouraged one another to keep working…keep writing.
 It's nice to vent. You don't want to be a downer all the time on Twitter, but to share a moment of camaraderie with another writer is important. One of the reasons I enjoy Twitter so much is the ability to comment and chat with someone when I can relate to their post.
I like being encouraging to other authors, and it's nice to know that when I need to hear that encouragement, it's out there for me.
What's your feelings on support from other writers?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why #Writers Need to Read

I'm an avid reader and not just of the romance genre, but of fiction and non-fiction as well. I'll read fantasy books, manga, military biographies, and all manner of different books. The sheer number of books available are truly a reader's dream. Any subject can be found when you search the web.
Why do I read? First, it's because I enjoy stories. That's the reason we all read, after all. We want to learn, grow, immerse ourselves in a world so familiar yet so different.
There is another reason that I read that may surprise you…I get writer's block.
 It's a terrible thing when a writer can find the inspiration or the drive to sit down and write. The desire to write daily is always there, but sometimes the enthusiasm, isn't. Sometimes it can feel as if we as writers aren't doing our job if we aren't putting words to the page, but such self-condemnation isn't helpful.
Reading is just as important as writing. When I get writer's block, I often choose a subject or location to try and spark my imagination. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but what's important is to enjoy the interesting subject matter.
I've been known to enjoy biker romances. Do I write this genre? No, but the read lets me enjoy the bad boy and that's what I find entertaining about the books. The same is true for the military biographies that are stacked on my shelves. It's not a genre I write, but these alpha males, these real life heroes, are an inspiration and fantasy in more ways than one.
If you're a writer, what books/genre do you enjoy reading and why?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#CMA's and all those Yummy Country Boys

Country Music Awards are tonight (Wednesday November 4th), or as I like to call it, Sexy-Men Wednesday.
*Grin* Okay, so I'm a bit of a sucker for a whiskey voiced crooner with long legs, and worn jeans. Excuse me while I fan my face. Every woman needs a fantasy occasionally. Don't you agree?
This year will include some of my favorite performers including Eric Church, Luke Bryan, and Florida Georgia Line. One thing that I'm hoping to see are some male duets. There is nothing sexier to me than men singing together, whether they are professional singers or not.
The swagger of country boys when they're having a good time and singing is just over the top drool-worthy. If you're thinking that I'm worn out by the end of the CMA's then you'd be right. I'm usually on sexy-men overload afterward, but what a great way to spend a couple of hours. Besides, what dreams I have…hehehe

Anyone else going to watch the CMA's? What's your favorite part of the show? Who needs a night out when one has eye candy like these boys. *wink*


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sweet November, what excitement do you hold?

For many, it means the beginning of NaNoWriMo. I've never participated, but I hear great things, and many authors say that partaking helps them to really commit to the craft of writing.

I'm finishing work on Clandestine Engagements. The story has turned into a novella length with a lot more passion than I'd anticipated. I supposed that's what comes of two alpha couples. I think readers will enjoy the changes. I'm eager to find out which couple readers like best; Rob and Coreen or Eric and Jez. I won't choose a publisher for this story until I've finished it.

In the meantime, don't forget that I've got Bet Your Sweet Aces on the way from Evernight Publishing. It's a contemporary romance with a lot of heart. Here's the current, and unedited blurb: Shhh, don't tell that I'm sharing this. ;)

Bet Your Sweet Aces

Eve Sorrel is owner of the Double Tumble Hotel and Casino. She's got a reputation as a temptress whose wicked mouth makes men long for a taste of her. Scandal erupts and she finds herself the object of scrutiny from investment lawyer, Brad Templeton.

Eve's naughty ways may have just landed her the perfect man, if she can convince him to fight for her. What's a woman to do when her heart is on the line, except stack the deck in her favor!

This takes us into frosty December where Craving Elisa, the sequel to Tasting Camilla will be released on December 1st. A little vampire erotica in the midst of Christmas never hurt anyone. Hehehe. I'll be holding a contest for a free copy of Craving Elisa in December. Keep an eye on my Website to find out details.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on November 26th. Anyone going out shopping on Black Friday?

Happy Reading,

PS. I happened to get a sneek peak of Kari Thomas's new cover for Her Demon, His Angel which will be rereleased through Liquid Silver Books. OMG, it's sexy romantic. I'm hoping to share it as soon as she gets a release date.