Friday, July 3, 2015

To Appreciate Independence Day, July 4th!

This month we celebrate the fine independence of our great United States of America. While I know there has been much turmoil and change since the start of 2015, we have a lot to be thankful for as well. This wonderful country has a rich and passionate history that we as American citizens should never take for granted.

After all, if we erase the bad from history, how will future generations know what to appreciate?
There is more in our lives that is similar than what is different. We should all remember that American is American, and we protect our friends and neighbors as our own.

I appreciate all that it means to be American, from my rights under the constitution, to our founding fathers. Their hope of a strong independent nation gave them the courage that we should all muster in our daily lives.

To exemplify a life of honor and respect, demonstrating every day that we are worthy of the American dream. 

So, gather the family and friends in the backyard, light those sparklers and let the stars and stripes wave proudly. Save a beer and burger for me. J


Mary Corrales

Mary is an erotic romance author whose love of writing brings light to the darkness of broken hearted characters. She writes in multiple genres including paranormal, contemporary suspense, dystopian and futuristic.