Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why Trying to Keep Our 2015 Resolutions is Important

Thinking of 2015 made me realize that resolutions are promises. They are the promises that give us hope for a brighter future. We make resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier, be kinder, publish a book, find a better job or just be happier. In all cases it’s a hope for a brighter tomorrow and the promise that we’re participants and not bystanders in our own lives.

One of my 2015 resolutions is to finally finish the sequel to Love’s Demon Ways. Sindriel’s story is at 50K words and counting. I loved Sindriel as a secondary character and wanted to give him his own story. Life intruded a lot in 2014, but to have the book out by October of 2015 is my goal and hope. As a side note: Love’s Demon Ways is 50% off at my publisher, Siren Bookstrand right now, until January 12th, if you’d like to see where it all begins.
What hopes we carry into 2015 must be backed up with action. If you’re a reader who’s always wanted to write, then put down the books and take up a pen. If you hope to lose weight or stop smoking, commit yourself to taking one day at a time and believing that every day you work at it is another day where a difference is made in your life.
In January I’ll post an unedited excerpt of Sindriel’s story. I keep changing the title but I hope you’ll enjoy the sneak peek.
Cheers to all in 2015, may every resolution you make come true and may everyone have a prosperous year of love, life and happiness.

Mary Corrales