Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seduce Your Man before Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's week and time to get those romantic ideas flowing. While I appreciate that most think Valentine's is for women, I believe it time men received some enjoyment from it as well.
Ever gone to the store on Valentine's Day? Hectic to say the least. Men are waiting line with candies and flowers appearing stressed, tired and none too happy. Not exactly a good way to be romantic, in my opinion.
So, how do we get men to relax and enjoy the week leading to Valentines? Here are a few tips (Remember: you must not expect reciprocity. These are gifts of the heart):
Appreciate him with a massage. Yes ladies, a massage after work will help him de-stress and remind him of all the reasons why he loves you, the main being that you are caring and considerate.
Listen to him. Ask about his day and don't multitask as he's talking. If you must make dinner or do some other tasks, make sure you look up frequently and make eye contact to assure him that he's being heard. Sometime when we have years with a partner, we forget to pause a moment to really listen and look at the one we love.
Long, slow kisses: Surprise him with a long slow kiss somewhere other than his lips. Perhaps the back of his neck or on his inner wrist for a little mystery. He'll both wonder what you're up to and enjoy the change-up.
 A short story before bed: Do you have a favorite moment from when you were dating? Remind him of that moment and tell him why it meant so much to you. The first kiss, the first time he held your hand making you feel all tiny and female; it's all about you revealing the emotions of that moment to him.  
Lastly, the banana trick: Men love to watch a woman eat a banana. So ladies, next time he's watching t.v. and you want his attention, get yourself a nice piece of fruit and savor the flavor of that sweet length in your mouth. Don't make it obvious, but take every bite slow and use lips and tongue as well as your teeth to enjoy.
These tips can be used throughout the week, so feel free to play when it's convenient. What's important is that romance is more about seducing someone's mind than their body. We fall in love with those who make us feel cherished and special. Though love evolves through the relationship, appreciating the man who captured your heart is as easy as being considerate of him in the little ways. Plus, he'll always want to know you desire him. So what are you waiting for?
Go forth seductresses and romance your man!
Mary Corrales