Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolution Me Not, Guilt-Free in 2014

Happy New Year!!! Let's talk Resolutions to start the year out right.
Is the New Year's resolution the best way to start the New Year? Many may say yes, and for those whom resolutions work, I say go for it. I am not one of those people.
Momentum is hard at work on January 1st as we're enthusiastic for all the possibilities a new year might hold. I love it. That said, as a writer this may exert more pressure than necessary.
I've decided that 2014 will be a year of modest "hopes" without all the hard, guilt ridden deadlines that promise to haunt for every failure. Yes, we don't need resolutions to see through our goals.
There will be setbacks, and frustrations in 2014, much like 2013, but what's important is that like water, we flow over these to continue on our journey. So what if you had too busy of a day to get any writing done. Don't spend the next two days lamenting your one lost productive day, move forward and write a page today.
Hoping to lose weight? Judge yourself not by the bathroom scale, but by a pair of jeans or dress you want to wear. Take sodas out of your life and replace them with water. Notice when your own clothes start to loosen and congratulate yourself that you're making progress.  
Goals are great and if they work for you then go with them. For those of us who tend to wallow in our setbacks, I say be guilt free about not having resolutions in the New Year.
Trust that you will have successes and never stop believing in yourself.
God Bless us all in 2014!
Mary Corrales