Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why do Vampires Ensnare our Imagination?

The darkness of the night hides a predator unlike any other. Sensual, powerful, this creature is a blood-hunter, a seducer….a vampire.

Vampires capture the imagination on a visceral level. Almost all cultures from around the world have their own legends about blood drinking monsters. Is it the fear of death which brings these legends to life? Perhaps, it's the human need to understand bad luck and illness.  

It's interesting that although the vampire is sometimes portrayed in books and movies as an unholy beast, there is also an underlay of humanity that connects us to this creature.

Is that connection the desire to live for eternity?

An intriguing idea to have an extended lifespan, while staying forever at a perfect age. Of course, the tradeoff is the terrible bloodlust that overcomes the mind. Eternity is an exciting concept until you think of the lost loved ones, and always being out of step with humanity. To haunt the streets at night, alone…always separate.  

Why does the vampire seduce its victim?

The need for love is very human. A vampire is often portrayed as debonair or sensual. His/her touch is often cold, but there is desire reflective in their gaze. 

Perhaps vampires ensnare our imagination because their blood-hunger represents our insatiable need for love; their ability to seduce is our secret hope to remain desirable; and their ability to live forever is our way of ensuring that eternity does exist.

Do vampires ensnare your imagination? What is it about those hauntingly beautiful creatures of the night that have you coming back for more?

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