Thursday, February 1, 2018

Is it so difficult to find Love?

Welcome to February, the traditional month of love. Well, I drag it out for a month anyway. *wink*
Is it so difficult to find love?
Long-lasting or short and sweet, falling in love is a wild adventure meant for the untamed heart. It can be a challenge finding another to share your heart with in this world. Sometimes our worries prevent us from being bold and taking a chance on a person.
The mind and heart can often war over what is best for us. Both must be given due consideration in matters of love, but don't let past hurts play into your decision to date.
Life is too short for regrets!
I'll tell you that as a writer I'm prone to being more comfortable by myself than with others. Still, I push myself and attend gatherings, parties, etc. because I always have fun with my friends in the end. Being social isn't always easy but the fun experiences are worth your time. And who knows who you'll meet.
If you haven't seen or met anyone you're interested in dating, don't be discouraged. All things in their own time. Do something to treat yourself. When you're happier that contentment shines through and love is attracted.
February isn't about lovers, it's about love. Love your life. Love your family. Love what makes you happy. Fill your heart and love.
Feel free to treat yourself to a little chocolate as well. I certainly am known to indulge to show myself a little love. Indulge in chocolate, that is. *wink*
Happy February,
Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes in several genres including contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and suspense.

Monday, January 1, 2018

What's Your Hope for 2018?

What will 2018 bring us?

There isn't a one of us who doesn't hope that the new year will be better than the last. In truth, I hope the same. I wonder what changes in my life there will be, and what challenges I'll be forced to confront.

I'm smiling as I think how 2018 is simply another year in life.

Resolutions are wonderful but I'd rather have results. That means there is hard work ahead of me, both personally and professionally. I'll stumble and I'll fall, but my task is to get back to my feet and continue on.

One, thing for certain; I won't turn away opportunities due to fear.

I don't want any regrets. I don't want to say that I could have done something, gone somewhere, created something and didn't so that I could stay safe. Smart is taking precautions, but living isn't about staying safe.

You don't fall in love without risking your heart.

Relationships are ever evolving, and the strength we find within love allows us to heal any wound. Hearts do break, but they're made to heal and love again.  

So, in 2018 I wish you all love, prosperity, strength and peace. May we all enjoy the journey that is Life.

Happy New Year,

Mary Corrales is a multi-published author of erotica and erotic romance in various several genres. Turning sensual passion into true love is the hallmark of her stories.