Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Six Sexy Questions with romance author, KARI THOMAS

Welcome, Kari, are you ready for a little wicked fun? I hope so, because we’re about to get naughty.
K: Ready for naughty? LOL---you made a funny!

Question 1) what hero from your books would you love to find occupying your bed?
K: It would ONLY be safe if I covered all my heroes ears so they couldn’t hear which one I picked. Okay…shhhh…Lyon Savage (Under a Shifter’s Moon). That name says it all.
Question 2) Do you have a sexy scene in any of your books that have some comedy as well?
K: I think a few have some sexy-funny comments, like the part where Drake (Her Demon, His Angel) drops Sara on the bed from a height and she’s completely surprised. Did I mention ALL my love scenes are SEXY?

Question 3) Which of your heroes has the most sex appeal and why?

K: You really are trying to get me into deep trouble aren’t you? Seriously, I couldn’t chose just one. Lyon is all primal (Under a Shifter’s Moon). Logan (Hunted Mate) is all territorial. Drake (Her Demon, His Angel) is all male-take-charge. Hunter (Spell Kissed) is hard-but-tender. Aiden (Temptation Unleashed) is always trying to keep his beast side under control in order not to scare his mate. And Slade (Surrender Her Touch) is always doing his “go-ahead-make-me-change-into-my-dragon. Dare ya.”  Cole (Seducing the Hero) is all sexy cowboy. That says it all. And Kane (Prey for the Wolf) is one of those tough, sexy wolves that can melt a woman’s heart just before he threatens to eat her! Okay. YOU choose. Go ahead. I want tell on you to the other guys.

Question 4) What's your favorite way to feel sexy? Is it a fav. Perfume, shoes, dress?
K: ALL of the above! Seriously though, I love sensual clothing. You know, the kind that says a woman is all soft and sweet, tender, but is also ALL woman

Question 5) Okay, date night with a certain dragon-shifter hero. What am I in for?
K: To start off and make you comfortable (beware of that move!) Slade (Surrender Her Touch) would cook you a delicious steak dinner. Then, during the meal he’d start saying things that made you blush but weren’t inappropriate. Just yet. Then after dinner he would take you out under the stars and…change into a dragon. He would encourage you to climb on his broad dragon back. Then he’d soar into the air. Well, after the ride (no pun intended), he’d bring you home. And lead you into the bedroom. OH! I’m stopping right there! You can imagine the rest.

Question 6) Which of your books has the hottest sex scene?
K: OMG, I’m not sure I’m the best judge of that. For some reason, all of my books have been categorized as erotic. Not Erotica, but erotic in the sensual term. “Hunted Mate” actually won an Award for the Best Erotic Shapeshifter Book of the Year.” Yet, I think Lyon’s book (Under a Shifter’s Moon) should wear that title with A LOT of pride. Lyon’s face is next to “sexy, hot  lovemaking” in the dictionary!
Okay. THANK YOU, Mary for allowing me the chance to drop by and visit. I knew I could count on you giving me some interestingly-sexy questions about my heroes!
I’d like to add a few things before I go. My latest book, HER DEMON, HIS ANGEL is not available during a short respite, due to the closing of the publisher Secret Cravings. BUT! The great news is that Liquid Silver Books will be publishing it in the very near future! YAY! If you would like more info, please do contact me: authorkari@yahoo.com
I am also offering ANY of my Backlist (with the exception of Her Demon, His Angel)  (see the blogsite listed below) as PDF copies, $2.50 each. Contact me via email. Payments can be made through PayPal.
At present time, my author site:  www.authorkari.blogspot.com is in limbo. I can’t get Google to help with untangling the error, so for now it’s not an active site. The best way to contact me is through my email.
THANKS, everyone, for reading!
Happy Reading Hugs, Kari

Thank you Kari, for coming by and entertaining my readers. I need something cold to drink now. J I encourage readers to check out Kari's Amazon author page where you can buy all her available books.


  1. How can I sign up to find out more about your releases?

  2. Thank you for coming by, Amber. Kari's such an awesome author. I'm glad you asked that question as I'm sure others are curious as well.

  3. Kari's have issues with blogger, so she sent her response to Amber through me.

    "At present, the only place is through my email: authorkari@yahoo.com I hope to get something done about that website/blog soon."