Monday, September 10, 2012

Reflections on September 11th and Forward

We all have our own personal memories of September 11th. What strikes me most this day is how in 2001, I thought it would be just another day. It's said that every generation has a war to fight. I didn't get the war of my generation until that September 11th 2001.
 These aren't my reflections of a time when I and my country were at our weakest. No, for me this is a defining day of strength. This is a day when we showed the world that though we may bleed, we are indeed an immortal force.
That horrible September 11th an enemy rose up unlike any other we'd ever faced. Their motivation and fanatic hatred made them difficult to battle as they rely on cowardly weapons like IEDs. The enemy's insidious nature means that they may never stop trying to kill us. If so, then I would say to them that they picked the wrong country to fuck with.
I know long wars are unpopular and the public get weary of the stress. Think though, of all those men and women who step into harm's way without regret, and whose version of stress is the possibility of dying that day. Yes, we want our soldiers to come home, but it's weak of us not to support them in their mission. This war was brought to our soil, laid at our feet as Americans. Those brave soldiers who stand up to defend us should not be told their blood, sweat and tears were in vain and to just come home. If they have the strength to stick it out, then shouldn't we.
This war against terrorists is a battle of perseverance. On the home-front, I can tell you it takes more strength than one thinks they can bear to bid goodbye to your loved one and let them go to a warzone. It is a test of endurance in its own right.
That said, I would never dishonor a single soldier living or deceased, and say they sacrificed for a lost cause. Families wait at home worried and afraid, but do not speak ill of the mission, for the mission is and will always be, to protect the United States of America…both at home and abroad.
I would like to give great thanks to the brave men and women of the military forces who stand up for us, and willingly sacrifice their lives for ours. We own you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. In the entire world, the United States is the only country that will always hear the cries of those in need of protection and help, and respond. Why? Because we are a country built on the principles of freedom, justice and mercy.
I bear an emotional scar from that September 11th, but I have not been broken. I will never be broken for no one will break those of us who call themselves Americans. We are a brotherhood beyond politics. We are a country of patriots, whose blood runs hot and whose weapons are always at the ready to defend.
God bless the United States of America!
Mary Corrales

If you'd like to give your support, here are some wonderful organizations that support the Armed Forces of the United States. Please consider donating to those deserving of our consideration for all they do.

PTSD Foundation of America
Fallen Patriot Fund:
Gary Sinise Foundation:
Pat Tillman Foundation:

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