Monday, June 11, 2012

Does Submitting Get Easier?

No, we're not talking naughty sex today. Of course, you all know that's a subject, I can't stay away from for long, so you're all forewarned. Lol. Instead, let's talk submitting a book to a publisher.
It's that time again when I've finished a new novella and I'm just one, well written, synopsis away from submitting the story to a publisher. This new story is a contemporary romance with comedy, but more about that in a future post.
Recently, I saw a tweet on Twitter from a well established and successful erotic romance author, who was nervous as he made it through the first round of submissions at Ellora's Cave. Now, I might understand my own nervousness, as I consider myself still young as a published author, but him?
Why would a well established author be nervous?
Then I realized that no matter the success of the author, we all have that same fear of rejection. These are our creations, our masterpieces that we send into the world to be judged and hopefully accepted. We worry, is this story good enough? Will readers like it?
We, as the authors, are already bonded with the story and characters, but publishing is a business.
Publishers look at a book and decided whether Readers will like the book. Will this book sell well? Is this an author that might be good to work with? I'm sure there are dozens of other considerations a publisher might think over, those are just my personal few insights.
I know my time of nervous waiting is coming, when I've submitted my novella and I have to see whether a published will take it or not.
I know that should it be rejected, I'll hope for comments as to why, at the least. Not every editor that rejects a story will say why, but regardless, I'll send a quick thank you for their time and consideration. Common courtesy goes a long way in this business.
So next time you feel nervous about submitting a story to a publisher, remember that every author has been in your shoes. We've been, and will continue to be rejected, but perseverance and professionalism doesn't allow us to quit.
This is the life we've chosen. Our muses, our characters, they all must have their voices heard. We must respect our given talent enough to be brave and submit our work.
The only time I will ever embrace silence in my mind is when I'm dead.
Until then, I'll coax and prod my characters to tell me their stories in hopes of sharing these adventures with you, the romance reading community.  
My best to authors and readers alike!


  1. Wonderfully encouraging post, Mary! Rejection is something we ALL go through, and it helps us knowing that we're not alone in this venture.

    I have to tell you a hilarious story about a Rejection I received a few years ago. I sent in a Query NOTE to the new (then new) line of Nocturnal Nights, asking for the submission guidelines. Thats ALL my Query stated. A few weeks later I got this FIVE page rejection letter (with MY name, not just "dear author", on it!!) and it proceeds to tell me ALL the reasons why they were rejecting my manuscript. FIVE pages!!

    Needless to say, I was stunned! I hadnt sent in a manuscript!! Then I had to laugh. THEN, I wondered " Uh Oh, is this an omen for my FUTURE manuscript?" LOL!!!

    So, there are Rejections, and then there are REJECTIONS! LOL!

    hugs, Kari Thomas,

    1. Lol. I can't help wonder more about the person that they Meant to send that 5 page rejection to. Yikes.

      Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I always get nervous. I do very well in my "straight" writing life. Erotica and romance are just a string of constant rejections. Very nice ones though. I made it past one round of EC last year. They were gentle and I was very encouraged!