Monday, March 4, 2013

Poetry and Civic Duty. Why Me?

Hello everyone,
I am currently sitting in a room with a lot of miserable people. That's right; I am stuck for the day at Jury Duty. Don't get me wrong I understand it's a public service which is a necessary function of our society, but damn it could you make it more headache-inspiring.
I have my Kindle and I see many people reading books or the newspaper, but their faces project a dour disposition that creates a heavy oppression in the room. I could be writing, but the atmosphere isn't exactly conducive to creativity. Or perhaps it's just me who can't create under such circumstances. 
I've been dismissed from service many times, but it doesn't stop them from calling me back to sit for 8 hours in a room with people who'd rather be anywhere else but here. I could read and further exacerbate the headache forming between my eyes as I listen for my name to be called.
Yeah, it's a fabulous process.
The only thing this time is good for is poetry. Yes, a little known talent I don't display to anyone but love to create. I've written poetry for longer than I can remember. No, nothing structured to be categorized as a certain type of poetry like haiku. There are sentences and stanzas. That's about it.
Why don't I share my poetry? I write dark poetry; misery, pain, loss, anger, need, desire etc. I've written poetry for characters, though none ever makes it into books. I can often express a character's view of a subject better through poetry, writing from his or her point of view.
I've written what it's like for a vampire to experience bloodlust. How they view their own immortality in a world where they are essentially more powerful but always alone. These are lost poems written during the high school years before my writing really took off.
Perhaps I will do a little poetry.
Thank you all for reading. Anyone else out there write poetry? I'd love to hear from you. What and why you write.


  1. Occasionally a story I want to tell will come out in the form of a poem, but not often. Like you, my poems tend to be dark and I tend to not them out to play. They're very personal...

    1. I must admit though that I enjoy writing poetry as an outlet for those emotions. Yep, may never share the verses but glad I can write them.

      Thanks, Ivy.