Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Busy Writing Month of August

I expect August to be very busy for me. I should be hearing from my new editor at Cobblestone Press about Tasting Camilla and Craving Elisa. Both short, vampire erotica stories have been rewritten for their republishing. These are quick, sexy reads that I'm hoping everyone will enjoy. I don't have cover art yet, but I will share it immediately when I do.

I'm also hoping to finish rewriting my contemporary suspense, Clandestine Engagements. This story has blossomed and is currently at 15K words. Small by some standards, but consider that the original story was a short at 2900 words. I think readers will enjoy where I've taken the story, which gives two sexy romps in one.

What do I mean?

Well, there are actually two pair of alpha characters. Both couples are in their own place their relationships, but work together to make one great story. While it's taking a lot of extra work to make this story flow, I think readers are going to love it. Thank goodness, I have alpha males who are complying with my vision of this story. ;)

I have yet to do the edits on my demon erotica romance, Sindriel's story. Yes, bad of me, but Sindriel will require my full attention when I get back to him, so for now it's work on Clandestine Engagements.

Thank for keep up with me. If anyone has questions send me an email, or tweet me on Twitter. I'm on Twitter almost every day. It's a fun way to engage with readers, writers, and other interesting people.

Til next time.


Mary Corrales is a multi-published author who loves writing in different genres of romance. She is an explorer of the romance genre and avid reader of anything sexy or military.