Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Does anyone else dislike the 'year in review' stuff?

The year in review? No Thanks!

This week there are plenty of television stations that are doing 'The Year in Review' specials. I'm not a fan. While there have been some good things that happened this year for me, such as the release of Sindriel, there is plenty I'm ready to leave behind.

Why do we need to relive the year?

There are ups and downs, conquests and tragedies, and life goes on as it does. I'm entirely ready to move forward without the burden of looking back over the months of 2016. I appreciate that I'll never have another 2016 but even if it had been a great year, I'd still feel like focusing on 2017.

Does anyone else dislike this 'year in review' stuff?
I just don't see the purpose in looking back over the year. I'm probably alone in this feeling but I can't see the reason to relive everything that's occurred.

 After the joys of a wonderful Christmas it's time to focus on what will be a new year, new opportunities, and new life challenges. There's writing to be done, and life to be lived.

I hope to finish and publish another book in 2017. Beyond that I'll see what life has to offer and move forward from there. Does the threat of pain not yet experienced loom ahead? Sure, but that's life. If I fall to that unhappiness, I'll miss the little joys along the way.

It's time to prepare for 2017. I don't know what it'll bring, but I want to keep my heart open to all it has to offer.  With those thoughts in mind; may the New Year be kind, our lives be prosperous and writing be prolific.
Mary Corrales

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