Friday, November 11, 2016

Time to get ready for the Holidays #writerslife

I'm ready to move forward with life plans, now that the elections are over, and get ready for the holidays. I'm doing things a little different this year and bringing out my Christmas decorations early. Not everything, but enough to uplift my spirits and give me something happy to anticipate in the coming weeks.

I've already put up my nativity scene. I'm hanging my light-up garland today and maybe setting a few flameless candles. My table cloth is Thanksgiving themed and I'll add a few touches to the house to reflect that holiday. The big question you might be asking is why.

Several reasons come to mind. First, it's been a rough election year and things were so negative as to nearly consume any sense of hope. With the election over, I want to feel hopeful again, so I'm bringing optimism back to myself through the celebration of the holidays. Finding ways to move forward and reacquire hopefulness of tomorrow is the best way to tackle life.

I enjoy Thanksgiving with all it's offerings of delicious food, but it's also time for me to do some Christmas shopping. Why not therefore decorate for both holidays? It may be odd to have both holidays represented by decorations in November, but whoever said that writers were conventional people.  

So, I'm going to set my Thanksgiving table and jingle my bells all the way to the 25th of December. Here's wishing everyone a joyful, healthy, love-filled holiday season.

Who else is ready to get into the holiday spirit?


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