Thursday, November 3, 2016

Change is inevitable #Writerslife

We are usually resistant to change because as human beings we are predisposed to want consistency in our lives. Our minds work from consistency. When you face something new, your mind makes connections of familiarity in order for you to move forward into the unknown.

Sometimes this desire of consistency and familiarity causes us harm in our lives. We stay in abusive relationships, we keep a job we hate, or we allow others to use our kind natures against us. It all harkens back to the mind's desire for consistency.

Why is change good for us?

Change is life. Change can often mean emotional and mental growth, as well as new understanding. It brings about challenges which we must face and conquer.

Changes at work may mean frenemy coworkers leave their job and you must say goodbye. You don't have to keep toxic people in your life just because the consistency of their presence feels familiar. It's okay to move on emotionally.

It's never easy going forward when change enters your life. There are unanswered questions, fears, uncertainties, but go forward you must.

Consistency and familiarity are great, but keeping those just because you don't know what 'change' will bring isn't always best. Toxic is toxic and if it can't be fixed or if someone is making you unhappy in your life, you should consider allowing change into your life.

'New' means opportunities, but remember that 'new' doesn't happen by itself. You must support that which is new, give it your attention and a little bit of trust. See where it takes you. 

In the end it's about how you move forward.

Consistency can be a good as change or as bad, depending on point of view. Our attitudes shape so much of our lives and can turn something bad to good if we change our way of thinking.

Wishing all of you a positive November.
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