Saturday, October 1, 2016

Please RT and share, Send Sindriel to Print

When I first considered writing Sindriel I never dreamed how great the book would turn out. He was a mysteriously sexy demon who I wasn't sure was hero material. So glad he proved me wrong because the love he found was worth every page of my time.

Sindriel was the first story I ever considered giving up on, because I had such trouble finding him a heroine who suited him. Funny, how it just took rereading the first story, Love's Demon Ways to realize Miranda Contreras was his equal in so many ways.

Miranda, for her part, is literally down to her last mustard seed of hope for any kind of happy ending. She's the single woman deserving of the badboy who'll always protect her. How could I not play matchmaker to a heroine like that?

I'm making it my goal to sell 500 copies of SINDRIEL by Halloween on October 31st  thereby sending the book into Print. I'd like to appeal to all my loyal readers and writers to help me make this dream a reality.

If you like the story, buy Sindriel today for the low price of 3.99 from Siren publishing.

If you can, please retweet or share a link to this blog with your fellow readers and writers on Twitter and Facebook to get them involved in this bold venture. I've never made such an appeal as this, but Sindriel is the perfect read for Halloween with demons, hell realms, and the prevailing power of love.

Whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. I'll announce it on November 1st if we've met the goal. Use the social media boxes at the bottom of this blog to share.

Come on readers and writers let's have some Sindriel fun!

Sexify your life,

Mary Corrales

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