Friday, October 7, 2016

Car Adventures: Tires, an Air Compressor and Bravery

First off let me say that the prospect of putting air in my tires turned out to be more about fear in my mind than actual difficulty.

All my adult life, car maintenance has been done by the males in my family or by taking a vehicle to our mechanic. It's just been a convenient habit I never thought to break. Then a light went off in my car which indicated "Low Tire Pressure". Now I had a problem and help wasn't a phone call away.

I pretty much slipped into panic mode in my mind.

I didn't have anyone to call, as it was the middle of the day and everyone was working. I also wasn't near a service station. What I did have at my disposal was a portable air compressor. (Received it for Christmas) I'd seen how to use the compressor, but had never done it myself.

Emotionally, I didn't think I was capable of putting air in my tires on my own. The negative dialogue in my head didn't help. Then I realized a few truths.

Here's how things went as I, wasn't about to leave my car on its own, and came to the conclusion that I needed to be brave and move forward.

Positive Self-talk

I can't mess up the tire any more as it's already low. If I can't hook it up to the compressor properly and deflated the tire further, what does it matter?

I remembered that the door had a sticker which told the proper tire pressure (psi) needed. I want to the door and checked. There is was, perfectly readable and understandable.  

Problem: I didn't have a pressure gauge. L I don't know how low each tire is.

Solution: The pressure should show when I start the compressor.

Taking Action

I plugged in the compressor into the cigarette lighter.

I then removed the little cap thing on the tire where the compressor would attach. Attaching the compressor was easy and didn't require any skill or strength. Yay for me.

I turned the compressor on and sure enough it showed the current air pressure and I saw what number I needed to get to as the compressor worked.

What I learned

Inflating a tire isn't technical but how many of us avoid learning? Independence, even in the smallest things can be a fantastic confidence booster. In fact you can google how to inflate your tires if you need a video to learn by. Go to "Inflate a tire with a portable air compressor". You'll find all sorts of videos. Found by me, after the fact, when I got home safely.

The true lesson was in realizing that I'm far more capable than I give myself credit for. I'm book smart and can learn almost anything. Thank you driver's manual that came with my car.

Most women shy away from simple maintenance of their car because they worry about messing something up. Still, small things like learning to inflate your own tires can be a comfort when you're out on your own and suddenly have no one to call.

I still take my car to my mechanic's shop when I need an oil change, but I've learned to be more confident about my car and about myself. Next time your husband, brother, friend, etc works on your car, peek over his shoulder, ask questions, or ask to help.

Your ability to learn gives you power over your own life and it'll give you a great confidence boost when you do something you didn't know you could.

My next project to tackle is putting windshield washer fluid in my car.

What's holding me back?

I've never opened the hood… (cue dramatic music)

Stay tuned for more of my car adventures. Tell me what you've experienced. What are your thoughts on a woman doing her own car maintenance?

Until next time.
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