Monday, October 3, 2016

Beware Scam Phone Calls #WritersLife

I recently received an automated voice phone call purportedly from the IRS. The first said I would be prosecuted if I didn't call them back immediately. The second, days later, said that they were "filing a lawsuit against me if I didn't call them back immediately."


Excuse the cursing, but this sort of thing pisses me off. The call came listed as being from Texas, which I highly doubt, but that's now what's most important. Here's the facts you need to know to stay safe from these scam phone calls.

The IRS doesn't call to extort money from you. They don't ever need to because, let's face the truth, they have access to all our information and accounts. Sounds scary but true, so don't get freaked out by these phone calls. Also, if they threaten to send law enforcement or prosecute you, think about that…Why tell an "alleged criminal" you're coming after them. STUPID. 

They are not from the IRS!

How can you be more confident this is a scam?

Did you know that if you put a phone number into the search box of your browser that you'll be able to find links that will show you where this phone number came from? You will likely also find others who have reported this scam. You aren't alone. There are even places to report these sort of calls.

Lastly, if you need some sort of reassurance because you're worried, here's what you do. Get a phone book, look up the IRS and give them a call if you are unsure whether you own money. Truly though folks, if you haven't received anything in writing, don't sweat it.

The IRS doesn't make phone calls.

Sadly, the elderly are the most likely to fall for these calls, but it's the fear factor that can get to anyone. Fear is what allows these scammers to be successful. Don't be a victim. Be a skeptic. Take a breath, think logically and don't ever react in fear.

Stay safe, friends. Block these callers from your phone immediately.

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