Friday, September 30, 2016

Sexify your Life this October

To me, October is all about the fun and festivities associated with Autumn and Halloween. Night approaches sooner and there is a crisp chill to the air. The darkness is deeper and what moves in the shadows longs for a taste of mortal pleasure.
Hehe. Yes, I love this month and here's why.
One of my favorite things to do is bake pumpkin cookies. So delicious. How do you make pumpkin cookies? Well, for me it's just pumpkin bread rolled and then flattened into a moist cookie shape before baking. I'm a simple cook, though I'm sure you can find some amazing recipes on the internet.
Then there is the decorating to do.
I bring out my fall decorations of red and gold leaves, but there are also the paper skeletons to hang and the vampires to attract. Oh, repel, excuse me.

Still, if just can't help yourself and want to submit to fangs, might I suggest my Vampiric Indulgence stories. It's just the right amount of naughty for those with innocent necks. *grin*
Tasting Camilla: When Camilla's blood awakens Vladislas's deepest eternal hunger, who will be declared the true captive?
Craving Elisa: Can vampire hunter Brandt resist Elisa's decadent offer of gratitude?
Click the above Vampiric Indulgence stories link to get your fang action with these two great short stories.

Personally, I'm all about demon bargainer and Lord of the Crimson Shroud, Sindriel. Yes, October and especially Halloween is his thing. For a demon-bargainer there is no more fun month. Here's a link to find out more about him and his delicious adventures.
Starting October 1st I have a challenge for readers and fellow authors. It's a quest for assistance from the best people that I know. Check it out tomorrow.

What do you do to celebrate the month of October? What's your favorite paranormal beastie that will keep you entertained this month?

Until next time, readers.
Sexify your life,


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