Monday, September 12, 2016

A Perspective for #Authors not yet on the Bestseller list

What's the first thing we do as authors but compare ourselves to others? "Yes, I've published a book, but have never been on the Bestseller list like…so and so".  It's a self-destructive way of thinking so many of us indulge in that it's almost innate.

How can we move forward from this thought process?

First, let's acknowledge a few truths.

We all want to be as successful as those authors we look up to. Writers love to write and for many publishing is enough. Still, for most authors having a book published, and then making it onto the Bestseller list is a whole higher platform. Most authors want to achieve the same name recognition and prestige as our favorites.

The question is whether measuring yourself in such a way is realistic and helpful to you and your career as an author.

Personally, it drags me down to compare myself to others. I start thinking how great my favorite authors are and how my writing will never be as good. The critically most frequent, and worst, time authors do this to ourselves is when we have a new release. We've watched other authors rise to the top within minutes of their new release. Our book comes out with a trickle of response even though we've put in so much work to promote it.

So then what can any author do to keep their head above water and believe more in themselves? It's time to advance our thinking.

First, decide what success is to you.

Is it seeing your sales ranking rise? Is it getting a shout out from a reader? Personally, I draw strength from friends at work who read my book and ask questions or have comments. It's a morale booster to hear their excitement, because they're true readers and not just friends. I also love shout-outs on Twitter.

Second, recognize that although it seems as if everyone but you has been on the bestseller list, you are still a successful author because you wrote and published a book.

So many people say they'd love to write a book, or that they could write a book if they had time. Well, you've made the time and become a published author. You've achieved that distinction. Be proud of reaching such a successful status. Many people will never know the pride and privilege of what you've achieved.

Lastly remember that writing is a process. The more you write, the more you grow as a writer. This goes along with remembering the reason that you write. Those vibrant characters in your head want to be heard, and you're the only one who can bring them to life. So, enjoy your characters and enjoy the journey they take you on.

The bestseller list can still be your goal, but don't let it define you as a writer. You're words are special. You're books are unique.

Give your all to what you write and readers will connect. A great book is a treasure to a reader. Write the best book that you can, and you will feel the satisfaction of true success. WRITE ON, friends.

Sexify your life,
Mary Corrales

Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotica/erotic romance author. She writes in several genres including paranormal, fantasy, contemporary suspense, dystopian, and scifi. Her upcoming release, SINDRIEL, is a fantasy erotic romance and her first published, full length novel.

She loves hearing from readers and authors. Follow her on twitter or her blog, or leave her a message on her website.

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