Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Days until Sindriel is Unleashed (Fantasy Erotic Romance)

We're in the countdown to Sindriel's debut appearance.

Sindriel is my first, full length novel to be published on September 20th. I love writing short stories and novellas, but this hero demanded more of me and I think I delivered in a big way.
He's everything you'd expect of the Lord of the Crimson Shroud and demon bargainer. He's sexy, wicked and intelligent with a code of honor unlike any other. You'll be as shocked as I was by his origins but I was glad to find that the heroine, Miranda, didn't falter when it came to loving Sindriel.

Some demons are just worth the walk through hell, I suppose. *wink* 
If you haven't read the precursor novella to this book, Love's Demon Ways, you can pick up both stories for a great price. It's not every woman who can love a demon and not want him to be human.

I've always believe that love is transformative. Our hearts aren't meant to stay broken and our pasts aren't meant to be all that defines us. The courage to fall in love and give to another makes you vulnerable, but with the right person that vulnerability becomes strength.

Sindriel Blurb: Miranda Contreras is literally a woman whose soul has been stolen. When she summons a demon bargainer for help, her life becomes one of hell realms and sacrifices. Will she regain her soul, only to lose her heart to a wicked savior?

Demon bargainer and Lord of the Crimson Shroud, Sindriel, has wanted Miranda from the moment she saw her. The pretext to keep her safe in his realm, while he retrieves her soul, seems the perfect opportunity to indulge in her charms. He'll face off against other demons for her, but can he face the truth of his own heart?

Sindriel Story and Erotic excerpts:

Sexify your life,

Mary Corrales

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