Monday, June 20, 2016

The Sequel to Love's Demon Ways is done

Fantasy Paranormal erotic romance, anyone?

I've finally finished writing and editing Sindriel's book. The sequel to Love's Demon Ways; readers first met Sindriel in all his badass and naughty glory, as the one who helps Ren and Alexine confront the evil succubus, Phaedra.

Sindriel has stayed in my mind from the end of Love's Demon Ways, but finding the perfect heroine for him was no easy task. Believe me, I rewrote this book many times with different heroines, but none of those females helped me even get a third of the way through writing the story.

That's when I went out on a limb and introduced Sindriel to Alexine's best friend, Miranda Contreras.

Readers also met her in Love's Demon Ways, as Alexine's spunky cheering section. I doubt that Ren and Alexine approved of my choice at first. Well, sometimes we authors have to piss off our characters for their own wellbeing. I knew Miranda would make a good equal to Sindriel. She has a way about her that would let her see Sindriel's true nature and not just his demonic side. She's more than Sindriel expects and everything he deserves.

While Love's Demon Ways is a novella of 31K words; Sindriel and Miranda's story is double that at 67K+ words. Amidst the demon realms and conspiracies, Miranda will show her strength to stand with her heart in the face of darkness.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, it's time to write that blurb and Synopsis, and get the story sent out to Siren-Bookstrand for consideration. Am I confident or afraid? Both, but I've gotten used to the feeling when it comes to submitting a book to a publisher.

I also need to come up with cover ideas. Covers aren't easy, and I always stress over what I want to convey to readers.

Titles, on the other hand, are easier. In this case, the characters did the hard work for me, and the book will be titled, SINDRIEL. (Unless, the publisher changes it on me)

I'll keep readers updated on the progress as I go. Fingers crossed, on an acceptance letter.

Happy reading,

Mary Corrales

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