Sunday, May 1, 2016

What are you looking forward to in May?

I always look forward to a new month. Why? It's probably because I believe every new month is a new beginning with the possibilities of great things to come.  

In May, I'm expecting a new review to come out for Bet Your Sweet Aces. Fingers crossed that it's a good one. I'm hoping to finish writing Clandestine Engagements. I know several readers inquire about my progress on the story. It's currently at 27K words, btw. I think they'll be pleased, despite the wait, how the story comes out. It's definitely an erotic read.  

Mother's Day is May 8th. What are you doing special for Mother's Day? I don't do traditional flowers, but I usually do buy and plant something for mom. She likes her garden.

It appears to be a quiet month, overall. I'm hoping so anyway. Writing is sometimes an escape from the stresses of real life, but most times stress is not conducive to writing.

Here is wishing everyone a great month of May! What are you looking forward to in May? Any big plans you'd like to share?


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