Monday, May 23, 2016

Pictures vs Imagination: When Writers Need Both

I enjoy having pictures pinned to my walls. More so I actually use these pics as part of my writing process. Some pics are of the hero and heroine of a book, but most others are of settings related to important scenes. I take these pictures from a myriad of sources including home magazines, travel magazines, etc. The internet and a good printer make this a much easier process than when I first began writing.

It may seem odd to you that I do this, when I obviously have a vivid imagination, but sometimes an author needs a little extra. What is fun is that I can stare at a picture of a mountain scene and imagine a walk through the woods in whatever way I want.

Do I see animals?  What sounds do I hear? What time of day is it?

Not only can this be relaxing, it's also how I unlock some of the most creative settings from my mind. Pictures are a moment captured in time, but a creative writer can gaze into the misty background of a scene and see more. The mind can be quite the playground. *wink*

I put pictures on my wall of sunsets and deserts, while writing my first book, Dhampir Passions. Why? In a way, a dystopian romance requires that the setting be its own character.

Having pictures is also helpful with a characters' details page on my wall. The page contains the basics; height, eye color, weight, hair color, etc. This details page is needed because I usually have more than one story I'm writing, and it helps me to not mix up characters. I've seen it happen to other authors with their character names. A small faux paus, but one I intend to avoid if at all possible.

For now, I'm nearly done with Sindriel's story, which is the sequel to Love's Demon Ways. I still need an epilogue. That will come to me. Perhaps I just need a picture to inspire this last moment of his "happily ever after."
 Happy reading,


  1. I do the same thing with pictures. I usually have one of the hero and heroine, but sometimes I need a setting idea, etc.

    They're also fun to use as a screen saver. That way I have the book I'm working on scrolling by, so it's always in front of me.

    1. I love the idea of using pics as screen savers. :) I'll have to try that one.