Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why people need to be "in the moment"

How often does it happen that in our multi-tasking society, we are thinking or doing more than one thing at a time? I can tell you that I'm usually always thinking a few steps ahead of what I'm currently doing. It's the times we live in that cellphones, are forever a distraction to the moment.

Why should we care? We have busy lives and have to manage our affairs, you say.

I agree except for the fact that time after time we miss special moments due to multi-tasking. I'm as guilty as anyone, because instead of enjoy a shopping trip with a loved one, I'm thinking about what I have to do on the computer at home. The inanimate object has won and I've missed the precious human interaction with someone I care about, that I will never get back.

I've seen this behavior over and over again. Parents staring at their phones while their child plays nearby, virtually forgotten as they experience the joys of life by themselves. Have you ever really watched a child play in the yard and experience life? Children's minds are free of distractions as they simply exist in the moment.

What a wonderful way to live.

We may not be able to capture a child's care free mind, as responsibilities are a given as an adult, but we can be more in the moment. When someone is talking, we can listen without glancing at our phones ever few seconds. We can put the phone away in a drawer during intimate times with our lover.

Being a writer, I find it's important to my writing to be in the moment with my characters, or the chapter comes out like crap. Just as I write my characters to pay attention to one another, I have to give them my full attention.

Writing is difficult enough without the pressures I add myself by not concentrating on the moment. There will always be things in my life that will require multi-tasking, but I can choose to be in the moment with certain things: Family, friends, writing….

I don't want to miss those moments that turn into memories.

Where can you tune out the distractions?

I hope you give it a try and see how many more joys you can experience in life.


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