Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wild Summonings by Mary Corrales, Fantasy erotica snippet (R)

            Sabin watched the Sorceress from behind a great oak as she called the elements of moon and night sky to her from the center of a clearing, deep in the Hyssop forest. The light from the bonfire highlighted in hair in a fiery halo, while the moon gave her skin a golden sheen. Her voice was like the most seductive of music, entreating the powers to enter her.

            Shedding her shawl and pale blue tunic, she exposed more skin to his hungry gaze. Twirling in circles she drew a whirlwind of dust from the earth. The fire died down as the wind swept through the clearing to encircle her like a voracious predator. She untied the ties that held her flimsy homespun skirt together. The material fluttered up and away into the air.

Trees moaned and swayed around him as his eyes feasted on her gloriously naked body. Lightning streaked across the clear night sky, sending an electrified spark through his body to pulse in his groin.

He turned his face toward the tree and scrapped his cheek against the rough bark. The pain did little to distract him. His body pulsed with burgeoning desire. She began dancing and his damned gaze followed each sinuous movement. He knew he needed to leave before he lost total control. Already her powers were working their way inside him, teasing and provoking the dark energy that resided in his body.

He wanted her.

Of course, she would not welcome his body inside hers, but if he chose, then she would submit. The dark powers he possessed gave him a unique ability to seduce any female with magic in her blood.

The prospect of her submission called to him as her magic pulsed and flowed outward from the circle, the curves of her sinuous body tempting him to madness.

She turned in his direction and clasped both hands above her head. An earth shaking boom of thunder cracked overhead as the clouds split open and poured their moisture down onto the trees, ground and woman below.

Sabin could take no more. Need drove him to her.

He strode into the clearing, straight through her protective circle.  

Her powers scattered, as if they'd done their job and left her to fend for herself. His heart pounded as stopped close enough to smell the delicate scent of perspiration on her skin. She gazed at him with challenge in her eyes.

"Not wise of you, sorceress," he said. He perused her body letting the hunger show in his eyes.
            "I need you."

Those three simple words pierced him and drew his heart's blood. Too many times they'd flirted and challenged one another and now she wanted him. What would she ask of him once he'd taken his fill of her?  "No, Elysia, no more games."

She stepped close, and draped her arms over his shoulders. "No more deceptions, Sabin." She pressed her naked body against him. "I've come to give myself to you."
 Hope you enjoy this sexy little snippet and you saw the power of seductive words. The next blog will cover Taste and Touch on February 12th and the climax of this two week session on Seduction will be a blog on the Heart of Love on February 14th. Hope you continue to visit. :)
Mary Corrales

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