Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Seductive Scent of Love

Is it possible that we fall in love with our partner because of their scent?

The question is not all together strange when you think of it. Research shows that a woman will often chose a mate who has a pleasing scent. Supposedly, scent can indicate physical heath which appeals to a woman's innate drive to produce healthy children.

I can't speak to that aspect, but I do know that a man's scent is important to me. It can turn me on in the most elemental of ways. I want to rub myself against him, breath him in…taste him.

I sound so wild. Sorry about that. ;)

Anyway, there are a number of different cologne fragrances out there meant to appeal to women. Everything from musk to woodsy and even some that have the slightest notes of floral. Some colognes have a stronger scent of vanilla, which is also attractive.

I think one of the scents I love the most is Amber. If you've never smelled an amber candle, I encourage you to find one at the store, close your eyes and sniff. There are different tones to the amber as white amber is lighter and less intense than the darker shades.

When women scents a man, whether it's his cologne or just his personal scent, we react on an elemental level. A softening of our facial muscles, a lick of our lips, we know when we like something.

Now does that mean men should douse themselves in cologne?

Please don't, guys.

Soap and water, as silly as it seems, can draw a woman more regularly to you than any cologne. We love that clean fragrance with the hints of your personal scent underneath.

So ladies, tell me what's your favorite scent? Do you have a favorite cologne you like your man to wear?

Next time, we'll get a little sexier with another sense.

Mary Corrales

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