Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The art of seduction should be learned by males and females alike, and practiced to maintain the skillset. This month we'll talk about the mental and sensory aspects of seduction. This is no boring lecture, I assure you. First let's talk desire.

Desire revolves around the hunt. That which is given, is far less attractive, than that which we must work to make our own. The aloof man, the shy seductress; they are both types that make others desire them from afar. Mystery tickles the mind, and drives us to distraction…

Who is this person?

What does it take to get a smile from this man?

Why is the woman shy?

From there we seek answers with our eyes. The right clothing can provoke a strong sense of desire in men and women alike. A woman in a flowing skirt and heels can elicit a powerful sexual response from a man. Mostly because we as women must walk slower and with greater balance, thus showing off the softer curves of her body.

The same sexual response can be said for a woman who sees a man in a well-tailored suit, or the country boy with rolled up sleeves and tight jeans. The mystery is what we want to uncover. The soft curves, the hard muscles; it all elicits desire.

Men are more visual than women, per se. A woman's naked body is intriguing and engages a man's sense of desire. That's why it's so important for a woman to be comfortable with her body. What two things are important to remember?

1)      Men don't see your flaws

2)      Be confident when naked.

Men see the sensual beauty of your shape with soft skin and luscious curves. Women on the other hand are more texture and scent responsive. Men, make sure you've showered, and please take it easy on the cologne. Desire is often communicated through scent, and the wrong one can turn a woman off in a single whiff.

Desire is as much mental as it is physical. In the forthcoming blogs this month we'll chat about the sensory aspects of taste, touch, smell and sound. How they work with the art of seduction and how to use them in your own life.


Mary Corrales is a multi-published erotica/erotic romance author who loves to write in several genres including contemporary suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and futuristic. She enjoy mixing genres and bringing extraordinary lovers together.

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