Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Talk Dirty: The Art of using Words

"His low voice evokes my need to hear his words. His words slide into me, appealing to the fertile imaginings of my mind."

Words, whether written or spoken, are powerful in their seductiveness. Women enjoy romance novels for the way words create worlds, characters, and situations. A turn of phrase, done with the correct tone, can bring about a physical response of pleasure in a woman.

Yes, there is such a thing as a toe-curling book. Those books are popular, because words bring sensual moments to life. Have you ever heard a man read an erotic poem? Done in a soft tone, the most vulgar of words can be seductive.

The great known seducers of ages past who understood the power of words. Casanova, Don Juan etc. all knew how to bring a woman to her knees. No pun intended.

Erotic poetry is probably one of the coolest things for a couple to share with one another. Good poetry though is difficult to find, so if it makes you giggle or smirk, don't buy it. You want something to share with your lover to heighten your anticipation of one another, not to embarrass one another.

The dynamics of words during sex are another matter.

Men need more blunt words to be seduced. They want to hear their name on your lips, demanding to pleasure them. They often want language that is direct and dirty. It's okay to give guidance to a man on what you enjoy, so long as you make it sound dirty.

            "I love the feel of your tongue on my neck."

            "Squeeze my nipples harder."

            "Slower, I want to feel every inch as you slide in and out of me."

All direction, but given in a way that a man will most assuredly accept. The great thing about words is that they have endless possibilities when it comes to seducing your lover. A description of an orchid, its petals stretched wide open to attract the fluttering of a hummingbird, whose long tongue extracts the delicate nectar.

Bet you'll never look at that flower quite the same again. *grin*

The point is that words, whether written or spoken, are an excellent tool of seduction. It doesn't matter if you're too shy to talk dirty, write. If you're not a great speller, speak the words of desire from your heart.

When you center your thoughts on your partner's needs and how best to bring them pleasure, you'll find words are quite the ally in your dance of seduction.







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