Friday, February 12, 2016

How Taste and Touch play into Seduction

Eyes closed with only your senses to guide you, there is a great deal of pleasure to be found in taste and touch.

It's closing in on Valentine's Day and it's time for discussing seduction through taste and touch. What exactly am I referring to when I talk seduction through taste? It is the ability to use your tongue to discover flavor and heighten desire.

Most couples go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. A pleasantly public, social interaction, but what about when you return home to a more intimate setting? The romance must continue and for that we'll need; chocolate, whipped cream, an alcoholic beverage, and your choice of fruit (most prefer strawberries).

The trick to seduction is in the fun that tasting can provide. A man can feed a woman a chocolate dipped strawberry and then take a taste of the strawberry for himself. The sweet, wet juices just waiting to be suckled from the berry.

Whipped cream. Ladies can find many delicious places to spritz a little cream, and it's not necessarily between his legs. This is the art of anticipation for both the man and woman. Kissing your lover after taking a sip from an alcoholic beverage. Can your lover taste the spicy burn?

Lick. The tip of your tongue is excellently sensitive to taste and touch. Glide your tongue along various parts of your lover's body and let the anticipation heighten the need between the two of you.


Skin is the largest sensory receptor on our body. We are sensitive to touch thanks to our skin, therefore touch must be done right. A simple wrong move can pull your lover from the romantic ambiance you are creating.

The mind is a complex machine, never silent and always interpreting the signals it receives. To absorb your lover completely in the moment, you must use touch to your advantage. While holding your lover's arm, rub your thumb back and forth over their skin. It's a unique sensation for the intimacy it suggests.

The brush of a rosebud across your woman's nipple is a far different sensation than that of your fingertips. Keep a mind busy interpreting "new" sensations that aren't typical, like the silky feel of the rose, and the mind will focus more on the moment.

Let your warm breath be a focal point on his neck. Not pressing, not kissing, not licking, just breathe slow and easy. Let his mind zero in on what might happen next.

Remember that a key element to physical seduction is anticipation. Your lover must want what comes next, even when they don't know what it is that will come next. When you are both finally naked, your bodies will be alive with sensation, and every touch will be all the more intense for the way your minds have become focused.

Do you have something special you do with taste and touch that others might want to try? I'm happy to let you share it in the comments if you're brave enough.

Valentine's Day will be a blog on the Heart of Love. I hope you pop in to check it out.



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