Monday, February 1, 2016

Feisty February: Seduction of the Mind

"The pleasure of tasting is all in the tongue. Don't rush the experience; instead savor the essence as it slides down your throat."

Do I have your attention? Of course, I do. You're curious about where I intend to take you this month. Well, I'm in the mood to satisfy your curiosity.

We're going to explore the mental and physical pleasures associated with love and seduction. A little psychological insight and plenty of examples just might lead you to sexify your life this month with Valentine's Day as the climax.

I'll be posting an explicitly sexy blog every Tuesday and Friday of this month, leading up to the big finale on Valentine's Day. What's the first date?

February 2nd – The Awakening of Desire

February 5th – Talk dirty; The art of words

February 9th – The elemental scent of a lover

February 10th – Wild Summoning, fantasy example

February 12th – An exploration of taste/ touch

February 14th – The heart of love

These blogs will explore the sensual aspects of love and seduction, as well as the mental and physical aspects of attraction. We're going to have a good time getting a little down and dirty. Stop by. I think you'll be surprise how much you enjoy the visit.





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