Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why Reread Your Own Backlist of Published Books?

Have you ever had a day when you can write and you're frustrated? Of course, we all have those days, usually when real life is interfering, when we stare at a work in progress without a clue. I believe that's were reading your own previously published books can help.

A book that has already been published is one that stands on its own as successful. Whether the book has sold one copy or thousands, it's made it to the outside world to proclaim your existence as an author. Here are three ways rereading your own work help your writing.

1)      Reading is always a great way to relax. Writers need time to relax from worries and deadlines, and reading a book is the best way to transport yourself away. When you relax, your creativity is nurtured like rain to a budding rose.


2)      Reading your books boosts your self-confidence. You get to go on the perfect adventure through your book. It's written by you so it's the adventure that you always wanted to have. When you enjoy your own writing your self-confidence grows and starts to reach up like a flower to sunshine.


3)      You remember why you write. Writing isn't necessarily about becoming rich as a published author. For most of us it's about sharing a story that we've nurtured within our hearts. Writing is how we say hello and share our rosy beauty with the world.


Some may ask if rereading the works-in-progress will work as well. I'm sorry to say, usually not. The reason is that you'll probably only cause yourself more frustration when you reach the part where you were stuck.

Give yourself a break. Enjoy your own books and the adventure that you crafted. It's an excellent way to regain your self-confidence and remember why you write in the first place.

When I'm stuck, I reread my first published work and only print book, Dhampir Passions, or one of my others on my Kindle. Writers, comment and share which of your works you reread? Why do you reread that particular book?

Happy reading,


Mary Corrales is a multi-published author who loves to write erotica and erotic romance. She writes in several genres including paranormal, fantasy, contemporary suspense and futuristic. She's known to mix genres, and surprise her readers with unexpected twists. Her latest book, BET YOUR SWEET ACES, is available wherever sassy and sexy romances are sold.

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