Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is a Sexual Woman Powerful?

I recently read an article about women in movies posters being portrayed negatively through sexual poses. Being an erotic romance writer, I take a different view of things. I believe that a woman can be powerful through her sexual nature.
The simplest reason is that sexuality is powerful, and women more than men know how to wield this power. Women look damn good in tight, black leather and that knowledge allows them to distract and gain a marked advantage in certain situations. Is such a thing appropriate?
I'm sorry to say that I don't care if it's appropriate, right, or even nice.
That's because being strong in your sexuality means feeling confident in yourself. What woman doesn't understand the empowering self-confidence of a great fit of jeans? Perhaps it's that dress that fits just right and highlights our curves.
There is a false belief in society that a sexual woman is not only unequal to a man, but less than other women. I completely disagree, I must say that such 'equality thinking' leaves women at a disadvantage.
I'm not suggesting women flaunt their wares in front of their male bosses. Never! That behavior is trashy. What I'm saying is being comfortable having breasts and rounder hips is telling. You can tell a woman confident in her own skin.
She can dress in jeans and a t-shirt like a group of men, but she exudes a sensuality that conveys her feminine power. She knows and loves her female body. Her intellect will show through when she speaks, to hush the voice of any critics, so why should she try and blend with the men.
Consider powerful business women of the world. They don't have hunched shoulders to hide their breasts; they don't dress in clothes two sizes too big to hide their curves. They are powerful because they are comfortable with their own female physique. Woman should stand straight and tall, their entire demeanor one of confident sexuality. A woman in a dress is no less commanding than a woman in a suit, so long as she believes herself to be powerful.
The heroines I create for my stories are sexual women, and they use that sensuality to their advantage. Does it degrade them? Never. It shows their power by highlighting their feminine self-confidence. They are women; female creatures born of a wild nature that can never be tamed to support an asexual society.
There I've said my peace. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share your thoughts; same or disagreeing. If you'd like to read a female heroine who's powerful in her sexuality, Craving Elisa just released on December 1st through Cobblestone Press. Here's an excerpt to Enjoy!


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