Thursday, December 31, 2015


Greeting Readers and fellow writers,

Have you received your champagne kisses and toasted 2016 for all it will bring you? I hope so. It's my sincerest wish that this new year brings each and every one of you great prosperity, excellent health and happiness.

What would you like for the New Year?

I've decided on three simple resolutions for 2016. I'm of course determined to publish a new book in the new year, and write more, but what else is in store?

1) Be Braver (personal)

I admit I'm not the bravest person. I've let opportunities to socialize slip by because I sometimes turn into wallpaper at social gatherings. I can also be a chicken about new experiences. Of course, last year I ice skated for the first time, thanks to bravery, and loved it.

So, this year I will be braver and be more social. I will stretch my wings and try new things, and not worry about where the journey takes me. I'm strong enough to fly far and return safely, so that's what I'll do.

2) Expand Computer skills (professional)

This year I'm going to expand my computer skills, which are rudimentary by most standards, and learn more about publishing. Perhaps I'll create a free short story that I can use as a giveaway for new readers. I'd have to be an excellent story though. I won't offer up anything but my usual best.

I'd like to learn more about self publishing, as I've never done it, and also maybe about print publishing. I have many readers who ask for print copies and for now I can't accommodate their wishes.

3) Use Time Wiser

I will be in the moment more. I will let there be time for every moment and accept that life is an ebb and flow. I will appreciate those around me, as they are my support and the roots of love in my life.
I'll work harder because success comes through persistence, perseverance and time management.

That's what my 2016 looks like. How about you? What do you want in the New Year? Do you have a plan how to achieve your goals?

I wish all of you a wonderful year filled with the greatest of happiness.

Mary Corrales


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