Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bend rather than Break this Holiday Season

            It's easy to get overly caught up in things we think should be done. "Should-ing" on ourselves is never good, btw. Nonetheless, it helps to make action plans for the day, but what happens when those plans are disrupted?

            I started December with a nasty cold/flu which I'm still trying to kick and a book release. Craving Elisa came out through Cobblestone on December 1st. I showed my book cover off proudly at Thanksgiving and then wham, I get hit with illness.

            I'll tell you that getting sick threw all my December plans out the window. I was less than happy and could have let it ruin Christmas, but life is often about perspective, isn't it?


            "What gets done gets done."

            I'm cutting back on decorating this year. If I have time before Christmas to put more out, then I will, but it's not a priority. Getting well is my first priority. What could you put off for tomorrow?

            "Being exhausted just makes me grumpy."

            If you over-extend yourself you won't be very good company for shopping, much less at those holiday parties. Give yourself permission to relax. You don't need to do everything today. Life is about moments. Don't deny yourself the enjoyment of being with friends, because you decided you had to wash all the outer windows on the house.

            "It's okay to say, no."

            It's never easy to cancel a get together, but guilt is not your friend. Make yourself a priority. Those who are offended that you cancelled will get over it…or not. You aren't responsible for the feelings of others. If you'd rather rest a few hours and wrap presents at your leisure, then that's okay.

            "Enjoy this time."

            Stand still a moment. Breathe. Do you hear the sounds around you? Is the air crisp with winter? At night, do you see the twinkle of Christmas lights and the beauty of the night sky? Is your Christmas tree up yet? See how the ornaments sparkle in joy. Take a moment, breathe and enjoy.

The magic of Christmas awaits your heart.

 Merry Christmas,


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