Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why #Writers Need to Read

I'm an avid reader and not just of the romance genre, but of fiction and non-fiction as well. I'll read fantasy books, manga, military biographies, and all manner of different books. The sheer number of books available are truly a reader's dream. Any subject can be found when you search the web.
Why do I read? First, it's because I enjoy stories. That's the reason we all read, after all. We want to learn, grow, immerse ourselves in a world so familiar yet so different.
There is another reason that I read that may surprise you…I get writer's block.
 It's a terrible thing when a writer can find the inspiration or the drive to sit down and write. The desire to write daily is always there, but sometimes the enthusiasm, isn't. Sometimes it can feel as if we as writers aren't doing our job if we aren't putting words to the page, but such self-condemnation isn't helpful.
Reading is just as important as writing. When I get writer's block, I often choose a subject or location to try and spark my imagination. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but what's important is to enjoy the interesting subject matter.
I've been known to enjoy biker romances. Do I write this genre? No, but the read lets me enjoy the bad boy and that's what I find entertaining about the books. The same is true for the military biographies that are stacked on my shelves. It's not a genre I write, but these alpha males, these real life heroes, are an inspiration and fantasy in more ways than one.
If you're a writer, what books/genre do you enjoy reading and why?

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